GPT Pilot

GPT Pilot: The AI Developer That Writes Code For You

Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant who could write code for you, debug it, and talk to you when it needed help? Well, your wish may soon come true with GPT Pilot, a true AI developer that aims to provide the first real AI developer companion.

GPT Pilot

What is GPT Pilot?

GPT Pilot is a project by Pythagoras, a company that specializes in AI-powered software development. GPT Pilot is based on GPT-4, the latest and most advanced language model by OpenAI. GPT Pilot uses GPT-4 to generate fully working, production-ready apps while the developer oversees the implementation.

The main idea is that AI can write most of the code for an app (maybe 95%), but for the rest, 5%, a developer is and will be needed until we get full artificial general intelligence (AGI). GPT Pilot acts as a coder, while you are a lead developer who reviews code and helps when needed.

How does the GPT Pilot work?

GPT Pilot works simply and intuitively. You specify what kind of app you want to build, such as a real-time chat app, a markdown editor, or a timer app. Then, the GPT Pilot asks clarifying questions, creates the product and technical requirements, sets up the environment, and starts coding the app step by step, like in real life, while you oversee the development process.

It asks you to review each task it finishes or to help when it gets stuck. This way, you can monitor the quality of the code, provide feedback, and intervene when necessary. GPT Pilot also talks to you about issues, asks for review, and explains its logic and reasoning.

What are the benefits of the GPT Pilot?

The GPT Pilot has many benefits for developers and software companies. Some of them are:

  • Speed: GPT A pilot can write code faster than a human developer, saving you time and resources.
  • Quality: GPT Pilot can write code that follows best practices, standards, and conventions, ensuring high-quality and maintainable code.
  • Creativity: GPT Pilot can generate code that is creative, innovative, and original, giving you new ideas and solutions.
  • Learning: GPT Pilot can help you learn new skills, technologies, and frameworks, as well as improve your existing ones, by showing you how it codes and explaining its decisions.
  • Collaboration: GPT Pilot can collaborate with you and other developers by communicating, sharing, and integrating code, as well as resolving conflicts and bugs.

How can you use GPT Pilot?

GPT Pilot is available as a VS Code extension that you can download and install in your IDE. Alternatively, you can use the CLI tool that you can clone from GitHub. GPT Pilot requires Python 3.9+ and PostgreSQL (optional; the default database is SQLite).

GPT Pilot is still in the development and research stages, and it is not yet ready for production use. However, you can try it out and see what it can do. You can also contribute to the project by reporting issues, suggesting features, or submitting pull requests.

GPT Pilot is the core technology for the VS Code extension that aims to provide the first real AI developer companion. Not just an autocomplete or a helper for PR messages but rather a real AI developer that can write full features, debug them, talk to you about issues, ask for reviews, etc.

Where can you learn more about GPT Pilot?

If you are interested in GPT Pilot and want to learn more about it, you can visit the following links:

  • GPT Pilot website
  • GPT Pilot GitHub repository
  • GPT Pilot VS Code extension
  • GPT Pilot blog posts

You can also sign up for updates on future releases or get in touch with the Pythagora team.

The GPT Pilot is an exciting and ambitious project that aims to revolutionize software development with AI. It is a glimpse into the future of coding, where humans and machines work together to create amazing apps.


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