Science Orion Vale April 2, 2024

New Antibiotic Class Discovered to Combat Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic Class

Scientists at Uppsala University have made a significant stride in the battle against antibiotic resistance. Their groundbreaking discovery involves a new class of antibiotics that exhibit potent activity against multi-drug-resistant

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News Orion Vale March 21, 2024

A Quantum Leap: Vortex Experiment Illuminates Black Hole Mysteries

Black Hole

In a groundbreaking experiment, scientists have created a quantum vortex within superfluid helium, offering unprecedented insights into the enigmatic nature of black holes. This quantum tornado has become a key

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Science Orion Vale February 10, 2024

How Space-Time Geometry Affects Neutrino Oscillations


Neutrinos are among the most mysterious and elusive particles in the universe. They can change their identity as they travel through space and time, a phenomenon known as neutrino oscillation.

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