Vision Pro

Why Apple’s Vision Pro is a game-changer, according to OpenAI CEO?

Apple’s latest product, the Vision Pro, has received rave reviews from some of the top names in the tech industry. One of them is Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, who called it the “second most impressive tech since the iPhone” on X (formerly Twitter).

Vision Pro

What is the Vision Pro, and why is it so impressive?

The Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset that allows users to interact with digital content in their real surroundings using eye and finger movements. It costs $3,500 and is aimed at professionals and developers who want to create and experience immersive applications.

Altman, who leads the company behind the groundbreaking AI chatbot ChatGPT, believes the Vision Pro could be as impactful as the iPhone was, suggesting it represents a big step forward in how we use technology. He hinted that the most impressive tech to him might be artificial intelligence, especially with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has changed what AI chatbots can do.

Notably, OpenAI has already launched the ChatGPT app for Vision Pro, which is now available in its App Store. The app allows users to have conversations with AI agents that can answer questions, tell jokes, give advice, and more.

How does the Vision Pro compare to other mixed-reality devices?

The Vision Pro is not the first mixed-reality device on the market, but it is arguably the most advanced and polished one. It competes with devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories, and Magic Leap’s Magic Leap One.

However, the Vision Pro has some advantages over its rivals, such as:

  • A sleek and lightweight design that resembles a pair of glasses rather than a bulky helmet or goggles.
  • A high-resolution display that covers the entire field of view rather than a small window in the center.
  • A powerful processor that can run complex apps and games, rather than relying on a tethered computer or phone.
  • A sophisticated eye-tracking system that can detect where the user is looking and adjust the focus and content accordingly.
  • A gesture-recognition system that can sense the user’s finger movements and translate them into commands and inputs.
  • A spatial audio system that can create realistic sounds that match the virtual environment and the user’s position.

What are the challenges and opportunities for the Vision Pro?

Despite its impressive features, the Vision Pro is not without its challenges and limitations. Some of the issues that the device faces are:

  • A high price tag that may deter some potential customers, especially in the consumer market.
  • A lack of essential app support, including Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, may limit the appeal and functionality of the device. However, a YouTube app is reportedly on the roadmap.
  • There is a potential backlash from privacy advocates and regulators, who may be concerned about the device’s ability to capture and process personal data, such as eye movements, facial expressions, and voice recordings.
  • possible competition from other tech giants, such as Google, Amazon, and Samsung, who may be working on their own mixed-reality devices.

On the other hand, the Vision Pro also offers many opportunities and possibilities for the future of technology and society. Some of the benefits that the device could bring are:

  • A new way of interacting with and consuming digital content that is more natural, immersive, and engaging.
  • A new platform for creating and sharing innovative applications that can leverage the power of mixed reality and artificial intelligence.
  • A new tool for enhancing and augmenting human capabilities, such as learning, working, communicating, and entertaining,
  • A new medium for exploring and understanding the world that can blend the physical and the virtual in novel and exciting ways.

What do other tech leaders think of the Vision Pro?

Altman is not the only tech leader who has praised Vision Pro. Other prominent figures who have expressed their admiration and optimism for the device include:

  • Carl Pei, the CEO of London-based company Nothing, said: “We should celebrate Apple for making the Vision Pro, even if the Gen 1 product is mid-range. This is how progress is made: people try new things, learn, and iterate. Gen2 will be better!”
  • Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said: “Vision Pro is not perfect but has potential. Gen 2 will be amazing.”
  • Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, said, “Vision Pro is a remarkable achievement. We look forward to collaborating with Apple on mixed-reality and AI projects.”
  • Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said: “Vision Pro is a great product, but we have something better coming soon. Stay tuned.”

The Vision Pro has sold over 200,000 units since its release, demonstrating strong market interest and optimism in mixed-reality technologies. These devices are evolving to blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds, providing innovative ways to interact with and comprehend our surroundings. Altman’s endorsement of Vision Pro and his vision for AI’s future reflect a broader anticipation for upcoming technological advancements that will reshape our relationship with technology.


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