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You’re Beautiful Just The Way You Are

by RTD Journal

You are too fat”, “You don’t have a perfect shape”, “you are very skinny”, “look at her, there is no gap between her chest and belly”, “you are too short”…..

What are these!!! These comments straightly imply to ‘Body Shaming’.

Body Shaming is what we regularly face in our lives. Because of body shaming, people face mental breakdown, inferiority complex, insecurities, sadness, anger, low self-image, and so on.

Even I have been consistently a victim of body shaming. I have been told, ” you are overweight”, ” your body has not a perfect shape”, you are a young lady but you resemble a wedded woman” and what not! I have tried many times but all in vain. Because of these comments, I have to think multiple times prior to wearing a dress.

Body Shaming is everywhere. It additionally prompts comparison and criticism. People who criticize someone’s body shape, colour or height also not at all perfect by their body. So kindly glance at yourself once before criticizing someone.

 Everyone needs a normal and healthy life and it’s a good thing, people do whatever they want to do to keep themselves healthy. So all I want to say that, do or apply all the tactics on your body if you really want to do or if you really want to change your body structure, don’t get influence by people’s criticized words. God has made all of us so it’s very simple that we all are beautiful in our manner.

 People are intended to appear different. Beauty is not everyone having the similar features, but everyone having their own unique looks, thoughts, and lives and I really appreciate the line of the song ” Scars To your Beautiful” sung by Artist Alessia Cara that,

 ” You Should know You’re beautiful just the way you are,

 And you don’t have to change a thing the world could change it’s heart ,

 No scars to your beautiful”.

By Adyasha Samal

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