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WWE Smackdown September 24th, 2021: King Nakamura Retains IC Title, The Demon Goes EXTREME On The Bloodline

by Pavitra Shome
WWE Smackdown September 24th, 2021: King Nakamura Retains IC Title, The Demon Goes EXTREME On The Bloodline

Note: This will be a basic recap and analysis. The in-depth recap of the show won’t be done for a while.

Friday Night Smackdown aired from the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The man kicked off the show with a promo talking about celebrations, especially the one she crashed in the previous episode at Knox. Belair then interrupted and a brawl took place. Bianca gave the champion a taste of the K.O.D. and laid out The Man, leaving her to the ring 

Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez
Intercontinental Championship Match

While Azeez was staring at Nakamura, Rick Boogs lifted up the 7ft tall man and planted him with a back slam. This led to an opening to The King and he rolled up Crews for the cover and picked up the win. While Boogs and Nakamura celebrate, and Patt McAfee being the absolute gold color commentator.

Looks like Seth Rollins is not at all done with Edge. In a backstage segment, he threatened that he will hunt down The Rated R Superstar in his home and make him acknowledge that Rollins is better in every way and every aspect. It was later announced that Edge will be appearing on the upcoming episode of Smackdown and respond to Rollins

Zelina Vega vs. Liv Morgan
Although Liv was on fire from the beginning, a distraction by Carmella cost her the match and Zelina Vega picked up the quick win. Liv and Mella, who square off at Extreme rules can be a must-see match of the pay per view.

A new talk show segment “Happy Talk’ with Happy Corbin was aired but Kewin Owens didn’t seem impressed with him and tried to interrupt the show, but he was blindsided by Riddick Moss and looks like Moss has aligned with Corbin now.

Nikki A.S.H. vs Natalya
This was another small match where Tamina tried to interfere but failed and Ripley took care of her. Nikki then rolled up for the win. Later, Shotzi and Nox arrived in style in their tank and shot a ball through the tank’s toy missile launcher. Nikki and Rhea have some serious competition from a tag team who is undefeated since their debut.

Roman Reigns vs. Montez Ford
The Main Event is a surprising match as Montez looks like an unusual opponent for The Tribal Chief. Reigns looked intimidating and had a red glove instead of his usual golden one. Ford’s performance was unbelievably impressive for the main event match but Reigns always has the upper hand. He countered the Frog Splash From the heaven and turned it into a guillotine, making Montez Ford Tap Out. 

But it was not done and Heyman then called out The Usos, who laid out a table while Reigns assaulted Ford with a steel chair and then the table. But then, the lights went out and The Demon made his presence taking things EXTREME, attacking with a kendo stick and a steel chair to The Bloodline.

Overview: This episode was okay, but the Main Event was unbelievably amazing and top-notch. Ford absolutely delivered the match against The Head Of The Table, leading to the Extreme Rules pay-per-view against The Demon. As this is the final smackdown before an important pay-per-view, this could’ve been done better. Shotzi and Nox might be on the hunt for the Tag Team gold as they earned an opportunity a while back but it was never used.
Apart from 2 roll-ups and one insanely short match, the rest of the show looked fair. Smackdown Creative is doing great and can do even better as they have some serious competition against other wrestling companies.(wwe smackdown )



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