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WWE Smackdown September 17th, 2021: The Man Crashes Belair’s Homecoming Celebration, Rollins Blames the WWE Universe For Edge’s Condition

by Pavitra Shome
WWE Smackdown September 17th, 2021: The Man Crashes Belair’s Homecoming Celebration, Rollins Blames the WWE Universe For Edge’s Condition

Friday Night Smackdown aired live from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. The show kicked off with The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline made his presence, marking his 380th day as a champion. He has some serious competition on the line with Finn Bálor and Brock Lesnar on the line for a title match, as Reigns vs. Lesnar has been announced for Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. In the ring, Heyman cuts a promo on how Bálor and Lesnar are afraid of Roman Reigns. However, Big E makes his return, this time as a WWE Champion. The arena is filled with ‘You Deserve It’ chants. Finn Bálor also came out to the ring to confront the Universal Champion. The first match of the night was made official by Adam Pearce during the commercial break.

Big E & Finn Bálor vs. The Usos
A good back and forth battle with the WWE Champion and The Challenger for the Universal Championship against the Smackdown Tag Team Champions. A nail-biting match with good spots. Bálor and Big E picked up an amazing win with The Prince hitting his top rope finishing maneuver, Coup De Grace to Jey, and Big E with the Big Ending to Jimmy for the 3 count.

Rick Boogs vs. Robert Roode
Rick Boogs is great in the ring. Both Boogs and Roode are promising wrestlers with a lot to perform. The match, being a bit short but good to watch, where Boogs picks up the win after hitting a Boogs Cruise to Robert Roode. Appreciation to Patt McAfee for being pure gold on the commentary.
After The Match: During their Post-Match Celebration, Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez sneak attacked them brutally. Crews then demanded an Intercontinental Championship rematch

The match between Happy Corbin and Kevin Owens didn’t happen as Corbin launched a vicious attack from behind and choke slammed Owens on the Ring Apron.

The Visionary Seth Rollins enters the ring to address the WWE Universe. The crowd booed him constantly for what he did in the previous Smackdown. In case you missed it, Rollins hit a vicious Stomp to Edge’s surgically repaired neck, which the Rated R Superstar was trying to avoid. He was later sent to a hospital on a stretcher. Rollins accuses the WWE Universe for the condition of Edge as they constantly cheered for The Rated R Superstar and not The Visionary.
Further on the promo, Rollins Targeted Edge, saying he is not done yet. He said Either he would come to Edge’s home and take him down in front of his kids and family or he needs to come back and finish what started, once and for all.

Toni Storm & Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega & Camella 
The match which was supposed to happen at the previous Smackdown Show is happening. Liv Morgan apparently broke Carmella’s nose when Liv sent her into a turnbuckle face first, and Zelina Vega stepped down the ring to check on her This results in a countdown victory for Toni and Liv.
After The Match: Liv Morgan challenges Carmella at the Extreme Rules pay per view where she promised to make her look as hideous on the outside as she was on the inside. Carmella accepts when she is checked backstage. It’s ON at Extreme Rules!

Sami Zayn vs. Dominik Mysterio
In Spite of Dominik asking his dad to stay backstage, Father Rey joined the Smackdown Commentary Table. Dominik puts up a good match, puts a tough effort on the match. Zayn countered with his knees up when Junior Mysterio hit a Frog Splash, rolled up Dominik for his 3rd win against him in a row.

The Mayor of Knoxville and WWE Hall of Famer Kane arrives at the ring for the Homecoming Celebration of Bianca Belair.

The EST was all praise for the Knox County, says Knoxville made him The EST and also says she will take her Women’s Championship back. Mayor Kane presents Bianca with the Key of the County. The Smackdown Women’s Champion then arrives at the party, to shake up hands with the Homecoming queen. When Bianca refuses to let go, The Man fights back. Belair hoists up for a K.O.D. but The Man counters with a Man-Handle Slam to lay out The EST while Smackdown goes off the air. 

Author’s Opinion: Smackdown has always been in their A-Game and proves to be the best show of WWE. The September 17th show builds up the upcoming pay-per-view really well, creating an amazing hype for Extreme Rules. The WWE has done very well since they are back on the road, providing high-profile matches and can keep surprises really well, unlike other companies whose staff reveals spoilers which causes the hype to lose. Overall, Tonight was a Good to watch show with amazing promo segments.



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