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WWE RAW Sept. 06, 2021: Lashley & MVP Win Tag Team Turmoil. The Queen Retains

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WWE RAW Sept. 06, 2021: Lashley & MVP Win Tag Team Turmoil. The Queen Retains

WWE Monday Night RAW was aired from Miami, Florida which kickstarted with the Tag Team Champions, RK BRO cut a promo on Current WWE Champion Lashley, but got interrupted by the Champ himself alongside MVP before the Tag Team Turmoil for the New RAW Tag Team Championship Challengers. The All Mighty laid out a Challenge to Randy Orton, The Apex Predator said yes only if the WWE Championship is on the line. Now, the WWE Championship Match between Lashley and Orton will be held at Extreme Rules. Although before leaving, The Champion addressed that he will look in entering the Tag Team Turmoil alongside MVP.


The New Day vs. The Viking Raiders

Tag Team Turmoil Match

With Riddle and Orton seated on the ringside, The Turmoil war begun with Woods and Kingston taking the win in a relatively fine match. The Raiders were a tough team to fight against but The New Day took up the win, leading to a match against


The New Day vs. Jinder Mahal & Veer

Tag Team Turmoil Match

Veer and Mahal alongside Shanky were the next in line and stand out as an extremely aggressive tag team, but that didn’t stop The New Day from taking the victory when Kofi caught Mahal and Woods hit a Top Rope Maneuver, leading to the one, two three.


The New Day vs. Lucha House Party
Tag Team Turmoil Match

The winning streak didn’t stop for Woods and Kingston as they advanced in the next round via reversing Gran Metalik’s move, sending him face first on the mat and stood tall against them.


The New Day vs. T-BAR & MACE
Tag Team Turmoil Match

The Next in the turmoil match, MACE and T-BAR unleashed a war over the New Day manhandling the duo in the attempt for the win, but Kofi and Xavier beat the odds and got the quick roll-up pinfall.

Although that wasn’t it. They later unleashed a post-match beatdown on The New Day, Ali and Mansoor. The Brawl led to a delay in the match which will take place later in the night.


Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus
Winner will face Damian Priest for the US Championship at Extreme Rules

The Celtic Warrior vs. The Scottish Warrior give us a good matchup, although for McIntyre, this time wasn’t lucky enough. The two engaged in a physical brawl with punches and kicks. However, Sheamus got the hold of McIntyre’s tights and rolled him up for the pinfall count, and The Celtic Warrior stands victorious.

After The Bell: An Enraged McIntyre attacked Sheamus with his own mask, and then hit a Claymore in the face.


Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. vs. Natalya & Tamina Championship Contenders Match

The unusual team of Ripley and A.S.H. stood tall over the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champs, leading to a championship opportunity. While Natalya attempted to lock Nikki in a Sharpshooter Submission, she failed and Nikki tagged in Rhea, who hits a riptide over one of the tag champs, leading to a huge victory.


Karrion Kross vs. John Morrison

Kross appeared in the Moist TV segment as a guest, where he laid out the challenge to John. A relatively short match where Kross legit tossed Morrison out of the ring like a sack of rice, leading into a Kross Jacket Submission hold for the victory.


Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax
RAW Women’s Championship Match

After their Physical match last week, with Jax getting a title opportunity against The Queen. Shayna Baszler, in the ringside caused a distraction for Nia, prior to the match and in the final moments as well. That helped Flair to hit a Natural Selection from the top rope, leading to a victorious 3 count.
After the Bell: Bliss and Lilly appeared in the TitanTron, inviting the Champion to her Playground. When she refused, Bliss made her presence in the ring, pointing at the Women’s Title. Flair agrees to a match but made it sure that its not Alexa’s Playground, it’s hers.


Akira Tozawa vs. Reggie
24×7 Championship Match

A filler category and quick match, where Reggie used his high-flying athletic techniques against the challenger and picked up the win.
After the Bell: R-Truth and some other superstars ran out to have their hands at the championship, Reggie escaped but Drake Maverick showed up face-to-face.



The New Day vs. Ali & Mansoor
Tag Team Turmoil Match
After the beatdown, The New Day shows up to continue the turmoil against Ali and Mansoor. However, they got eliminated as Ali got hit by a Trouble in Paradise and then a Top Rope Elbow Drop by Woods, leading to a rocking victory.


The New Day vs. AJ Styles & Omos
Tag Team Turmoil Match

The Turmoil Winning streak didn’t last for The New Day as Styles and his Own Personal Colossus Omos picked up a victory. Thanks to the assist by Omos and The Styles Clash in the end.


Bobby Lashley & MVP vs. AJ Styles & Omos
Tag Team Turmoil Match

An Absolute Brawl laid out by Omos. Easily one of the great matches of the day. Lashley was down for a moment but he gained back his momentum when he ducked the Phenomenal Forearm and hit a spear to Styles, leading to the pinfall for the win, getting a Tag Team Championship Opportunity.
After The Bell: Omos laid out The Almighty WWE Champion with a Double Hand Chokeslam, and then Randy Orton hit an RKO, laying him to the mat.



Tonight’s RAW didn’t stand up to the expectations as it had some fillers and a below average TV segment. The Tag Team Turmoil was action packed displaying the dominance of the tag team division. Two matches are confirmed for the upcoming pay per view. Omos and Lashley can cause mayhem in the ring and it was proved today. Booking them for a match will be a great in the future.





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