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WWE Extreme Rules: All Championships Retained, Returning Superstar Squashed A Title Match

by Pavitra Shome
WWE Extreme Rules: All Championships Retained, Returning Superstar Squashed A Title Match

Extreme Rules pay per view aired live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. As WWE is having some serious competition from a rival company, the management needs to make sure of it and provide some quality matches and segments which are engaging now. Although the Extreme Rules pay-per-view wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that great either. Almost all matches started off and went strong, but the major problem lay in the finishes of the two main Championship matches. 

Here Is A Recap Of All The Matches

In the Kick-off show, Liv Morgan picks a massive victory against Carmella and she is a gifted performer. We expect a single’s push and maybe some championship gold in the near future.

The Start of the show was a brilliant surprise with The New Day and The WWE Champion Big E clashing against Omos and AJ Styles and Former Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley looks absolutely furious as he hasn’t forgotten E’s Cash-in and did some serious beatdowns too. But he did some serious mix-up as Styles was set for a Phenomenal Forearm but Lashley tagged himself in. Styles was unable to hit and The All-Mighty speared his own tag team partner. Big E hit the big ending and Picked a massive win. AJ and Big E should clash more as they have incredible chemistry against each other. The match was an incredible and a great start to the show.

The Smackdown Tag-Team Championship is on the line as The Usos take on The Street Profits. Montez Ford might have some setback with his injured ribs, courtesy to The Tribal Chief. The Usos primarily focused and took absolute advantage of Ford and his injury, and kept him away from Dawkins for a while, utilizing the advantage and playing some psychological mind games. Dawkins did get the tag and did some damage control and looked unbelievably amazing. The Profits performed some great spots like Dawkins with the top-rope superplex, twisting into a neckbreaker, and again Dawkins hoists up Jimmy Uso in his shoulders for a Doomsday Device, and Ford nailed the Uso with a neck breaker. But this wasn’t really enough. The crowd went all nuts with “This Is Awesome Chants”
The Usos knocked Dawkins outside the ring and then focused on Ford and his injured ribs, kicking it badly. They then hit a Double Uso Splash and picked up an impressive victory, having a Clean Win and an Extreme match. Tez Ford was the star of the match, selling the rib injury really well and performing crazy spots from the top of the turnbuckle.

Next in line was the RAW Women’s Championship Match with Champion Charlotte Flair steps in the ring against The Challenger Alexa Bliss. Probably this was Bliss’ best performance since her twisted turn. It was a short enough match for a championship on the line, merely 11 minutes. The match witnessed good spots and good to and fro action. The crowd loved the Sunset Flip Powerbomb which Bliss hit Flair. The match had good action and fewer psycho mind games. Charlotte caused a distraction by tossing the doll Lilly to Bliss, to which Flair hit a Big Boot and then a natural Selection for the Title Retain.
Although Charlotte wasn’t done after the match, she tore off Lilly. Bliss tried attacking but it wasn’t a success as Flair destroyed her outside the ring. Bliss cried for Lilly and looked vengefully towards Flair, and looks like we may have a rematch. Again. Ugh!  Although both of them showed off some incredible ring gear.

Further, in the show, we are about to experience some Triple Threat Action as The United States Championship will be defended. Champion Damian Priest takes on Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. In the beginning, Sheamus knocked Hardy out of the ring, and then Priest and Sheamus started to clash, taking the fight out of the ring. No Disqualifications. Whale they clash, hardy flies in outta nowhere and takes on Priest. Although Jeff looks struggling while performing moves, He’s a Champ. Pure Gold Athlete irrespective of his age, performing and taking sick bumps on the ring. There was a botched moment when Priest slipped off the apron to the floor while hitting his own 10 clubbing moves in the chest. Hardy then hir a dropkick to the chin to The Celtic Warrior. Hardy’s wins were so close and the fans even started to chant his name when he hit a Swanton Bomb to both of the opponents. He was and always has been the champ of the people. But Sheamus knocks out Hardy with a Brogue Kick and then Priest rolls him over and picks the win, retaining his title.
After the match, Hardy shook Priest’s hand and a massive show of respect was on display. 

It’s TIME! for the Smackdown Women’s Championship As Champion Becky Lynch takes on Challenger Bianca Belair, who put an excellent match on display. The Man received a great pop, but not bigger than The E.S.T. which led to a massive duel chant of “Let’s Go Becky” and “E.S.T. ”. Lynch rocked in white gear. Lynch tried to attempt a Man-handle Slam like the way she did in SummerSlam, but Belair didn’t let that happen. Both of them showed an incredible display of Power and submission attacks. Belair’s long braid was also involved as Lynch takes some advantage of it, also a tug of war initiated leading to an atomic drop by Belair. The counterattacks by the athletes were amazing and various jaw-dropping moves were performed. The rollups were constantly going on in the match with some fist fighting. Lynch got Belair in the Disarm Her, but The E.S.T. powers out and lifts The Man in the air for a K.O.D. but just at the moment, Sasha Banks returns and attacks both women which leads to a disqualification.
Our Expectations reached from heaven to hell in seconds with an unexpected yet bad ending.

It’s Main Event Action Time with the Universal Championship on the line as ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns takes on ‘The Demon’ Finn Bálor in an Extreme Rules Match, where Anything Goes, but Pinfall or submission should be inside the ring. The crowd wanted some table-top action, and they gave a huge pop when Finn brought out one from the ring. The match was absolute carnage all around the arena. Huge Kendo Sticks, Tables, Crashing Barricades made this an extreme match to witness. Reigns did an unusual move while moving towards the crowd while he tossed The Demon, by wearing a mask. In a spot, Reigns hit a Superman Punch to Balor and countered a Shotgun Dropkick. Bálor then kicked out and hit a low blow to Reigns, a move that must’ve given him a flashback. The Usos made their presence when Bálor hit a Coup de Grace and interfered in the match. The Tag Champs then hit a Double Superkick to The Demon and started setting up a table, but Bálor fought back and slammed one of the Usos into the announcer’s table and at the very moment, we witnessed a sick spot as Reigns speared Finn through the barricades, making the crowd chant “Holy Shit.”
The Demon resurrection was quite poorly executed but Finn was all fired up! Just at the moment we thought this will be the match of the night and Bálor may be the New Champion while he went to the top rope to perform his finishing maneuver, the top rope just snapped. Bálor fell to the ground grasping his knee, and Reigns hit a massive spear and is still the Universal Champion. The finishing portion is arguably the worst, and our high heavenly hopes fell deep down once again.

Analysis: Each and every match was spectacular, proving that Extreme Rules was a great show but, the only problem was the ending of both the Championship Matches which was unbelievably awful. Leading to a DQ at the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match, people were expecting a fair match in the main event but this was another upset and looked like a cheap and disgraceful finish. Hopefully, we will see a proper explanation of what happened at the moment in the upcoming episode of Friday Night Smackdown.


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