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“We’re asking for your strong voice to stop this war”: Ambassador of Ukraine to India

by Swati Sahoo
"We're asking for your strong voice to stop this war": Ambassador of Ukraine to India

Dr. Igor Polikha, Ukraine’s envoy to India, asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday to restart talks with Russia despite the continuing situation. After expressing their displeasure with India’s stance on the crisis, the ambassador stated that India and Russia have a special connection and that New Delhi can play a more active role in regulating the situation.

Ambassador Igor Polikha also requested Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intercede in the situation. “We ask PM Narendra Modi to immediately call Russian President Vladimir Putin and our President Volodymyr Zelensky,” he stated, urging PM Modi to intervene in the matter.

“I don’t know how many international leaders Putin will listen to, but the status of Modi ji makes me hopeful,” Ambassador Igor added in an impassioned appeal to Narendra Modi. Putin, at the very least, should consider his loud voice. The Indian government is expected to take a considerably more favourable stance.”

“At the moment, we’re begging and praying for India’s help.” India should firmly take its global role in the face of a totalitarian regime’s attack against a democratic state.”

“Many times in history, India played a peacekeeping role. We’re asking for your strong voice to stop this war,” said Igor Polikha.

He described the strike as “blatant violence” and stated that “new information concerning victims is being received.” “We have the first civilian deaths even on the outskirts of the city,” says the group, claiming to be striking solely military targets. In certain regions, there is fighting.

Meanwhile, according to our Ministry of Defence, the Ukrainian side shot down five Russian fighter jets, two helicopters, two tanks, and a number of vehicles,” he informed the reporters.

On the outskirts of the capital, some attacks took place. Some of the strikes took place far within Ukraine’s borders. The envoy stated, “We’re getting the first reports concerning losses among our military and citizens.”



Ambassador of Ukraine to India


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