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Viral Video: Boy Uses Pressure Cooker Steam As Desi Jugaad To Dry Hair

by Swati Sahoo
Viral Video: Boy Uses Pressure Cooker Steam As Desi Jugaad To Dry Hair

A video has surfaced showing a youngster drying his hair with the most desi option, which isn’t a towel or a hairdryer. This young man is drying his hair with the steam from a pressure cooker.

That’s correct! A user named black lover ox posted a video on Instagram showing a man who has just gotten out of the bath with soaking wet hair. Another man is seen in the video releasing steam from a pressure cooker and directing it towards the other man’s damp hair. Now the wet-haired man attempts to set it and dry it with the hot steam flowing out.

Both of the lads appear to be staying in a hostel in the video, and the setting is a dorm room, and who better to know new tricks than those who live in hostels?

People used a lot of laughing emojis in the comments area, and others even praised the gentleman for his imaginative thinking amid a crisis.

The video has over 30 million views and 5 million likes. However, isn’t it utterly against science for this person to utilize steam to ‘dry’ his hair? We all know how steam causes droplets in the hair, making it moist, but how was he drying them?

But this isn’t the only ‘innovative’ hairstyle we Indians utilize. We’re all privately humiliated when we use ordinary items that are both cost-effective and very effective. To straighten our hair, we’ve all used a fabric iron, and to curl our hair, we’ve all twisted it on our damp hair with socks.

Some of these, however, are highly hazardous.

During the pandemic-induced lockdown, a lot of desi jugaad was used. When the Covid-19-induced limitations imposed a limit on wedding guests, a couple from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, married with all of their loved ones present. They booked an entire SpiceJet trip from Madurai to Bangalore and married as their plane flew over the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple.

They invited over 161 people to observe the event, and there was no social distancing.

This isn’t the first time someone has employed a desi jugaad to complete a task. A Colorado guy cleverly repaired his vehicle’s damaged tail light to avoid being penalized. In place of his truck’s tail light, this man put a red-colored sports drink in a bottle. Despite the fact that he was stopped by the authorities, he was not fined for his novel approach.

It’s interesting to learn about innovations from such inventive brains.




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