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Vi Business Introduces ‘Vi Secure’- A Comprehensive Cyber Security Portfolio For Enterprises

by RTD Journal

In a fast evolving digital era, with workloads shifting to Cloud, industry 4.0 revolutionizing automation and increasingly digital workforce, businesses have remained vulnerable to cyber breaches and attacks. MSMEs in particular have become soft targets for cyber threats due to their lack of awareness, preparedness and resources. A comprehensive set of security solutions to protect enterprises and proactively secure businesses and customers is the need of the hour.

To address this need gap, Vi Business, the enterprise arm of the leading telecom player operator Vodafone Idea Limited, today announced the launch of ‘ViTM Secure’ – a comprehensive cyber security portfolio with a range of reliable solutions that offer protection against multiple threats arising from network, cloud and end points.

Further, MSMEs which account for 30% of India’s GDP are still unprepared to adopt digital techniques and platforms and are yet to implement security measures to protect their operations from the cyberattacks. More than 52% of Indian MSMEs have not yet implemented cloud-based security services, antivirus software, cloud firewalls, VPNs, cloud connect, end-to-end data encryption, or managed security services, according to the Vi Business “ReadyForNext” MSME Survey Findings. The data further indicates that MSMEs who have adopted security solutions have an average of 1.6X times the digital maturity vis-a-vis non adopters.

In line with its collaborative approach to offer the best in class enterprise solutions, Vi Business has partnered with global tech leaders to offer one-stop package of cyber security solutions to safeguard every critical aspect for a future fit business functioning, for its enterprise customers.

Commenting on the initiative, Arvind Nevatia, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Vi said “Maintaining a robust cyber-security system is crucial for any business, especially in the digital era. With increasing frequency and scale of threats, organizations are looking for strong security solutions that protect their assets and ensure end-user privacy. Leveraging Vi’s network security expertise, our solutions are designed in collaboration with leading Security providers, offer enterprise customers access to a broad suite of industry-leading capabilities that align with their current and future cyber security needs.”

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