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Very Heavy Rains To Spare Odisha On Sept 26, Depression To Hit Andhra Pradesh

by Swati Sahoo
Very Heavy Rains To Spare Odisha On Sept 26, Depression To Hit Andhra Pradesh

With the monsoon weakening over the Andaman Seas and Bay of Bengal beginning on September 28 and the southwest monsoon withdrawal process beginning on September 27, no new low-pressure areas in Myanmar, the Andaman Seas, or over Central Bay are expected until October 8.

However, on September 26, depression is expected to pass through the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh during the night hours. Odisha will be spared the brunt of the system’s effects. Following this storm, major weather models predict that no further systems will form until the end of the first week of October.

As a consequence, Odisha isn’t going to get hold of any extra rainfall withinside the final week of September and the primary week of October. The NCEP rain charts expect Odisha to record rainfall withinside the variety of 25mm to 80mm all through the 14-day period. The unexpected extrude withinside the situations withinside the Bay of Bengal will now no longer most effective positioned a complete forestall to the overactive September however it’s going to additionally hasten the withdrawal of monsoon from northwest India. The fashions suggest withdrawal of monsoon from Rajasthan on and around October 1.

Tracking Depression

In the following 30-hours, a low-pressure region will emerge quite near to the Myanmar coast, according to the INCOIS (Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services) model. In the next 24 hours, the system would strengthen into a depression and travel towards the coastlines of north Andhra Pradesh and south Odisha.

The strengthened system would pass the Andhra Pradesh coastlines (near Srikakulam district) in the evening hours of September 26th, according to INCOIS, IITM-MME, and ECMWF models. After landfall, the system is expected to proceed towards India’s western states, according to the models.

Odisha Impact

Even though the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh will see wind speeds of approximately 50 km/hr and rainfall in the range of 15-20 mm per hour during the night hours of September 26, the system’s impact on Odisha will be minor.

From the afternoon hours of September 26, regions in Odisha’s southern coastal districts, such as Berhampur, Chhatrapur, and Ganjam, may see very heavy rains.

On September 26, the districts of Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, and several locations in Bhadrak are expected to get moderate to heavy rainfall, according to the prediction. Rainfall rates of up to 6mm per hour are possible throughout the nighttime hours.

  • Twin City Impact
  • The forecast details show rainfall in the range of 5mm/hr in the afternoon hours in Bhubaneswar on coming Sunday.
  • The commercial city Cuttack is predicted to record rainfall in the range of 4mm/hr during the afternoon-evening hours on Sept 26.
  • Under the impact of the system, both cities will record rainfall in the range of 3-4mm/hr in the morning hours on Monday (September 27)

Because weather models forecast a weakening monsoon in the Andaman Seas and the adjacent Bay of Bengal, any weather system with the potential to develop into a depression or cyclone is unlikely to form in the region until the end of the first week of October.

Odisha would be spared from the threat of depression-induced heavy to very heavy rainfall till the end of the first week of October due to this shift in meteorological conditions.

However, the models indicate cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal head (north BoB), and the weather development will bring widespread rainfall in West Bengal and Odisha during October 3 -5. No heavy rainfall is predicted for Odisha.

If the models are to be believed, the withdrawal process of South West Monsoon will commence in India from October 1.

And the trends of withdrawal over the years suggest the SW Monsoon making an exit in the State from around Oct 14.




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