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Top 5 most subscribed Indian Free Fire YouTubers

by RTD Journal

Free YouTubers at Fire India are proud of their huge fan base for their skills or abilities. As a result of its  popularity, some Indian Free Fire streamers have broken the barrier of 10 million count.

But many fans still don’t have much clue about the Indian Free Fire Youtube Scene.

The next article will enlist the top five YouTubers of Indian Free Fire based on subscribers while presenting them briefly.


5) Gyan Gaming

  • Subscriber: 10.8M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 19M

YouTuber Sujan Mistri, who runs the IGN Gyan Sujan, owns the Gyan Gaming channel and often varies his content between Free Fire games, vlogs, and prank videos. Gyan Sujan’s has been present in the youtube for over three and a half year.


5) Desi Gamers

  • Subscriber: 10.8M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 22M

Desi Gamers is owned by Amit Sharma, better known as Amit Bhai. The YouTube channel features live streaming, vlogs, reaction videos, and highlights of various games such as Free Fire, GTA, Minecraft, Human fall flat. However, Free Fire is the figurehead of Amit Bhai’s YouTube channel.

3) Lokesh Gamer

  • Subscriber: 11.4M
  • Channel views: 987.7M
  • Most popular video: 10M

Another YouTube channel with more than 10M subscribers, Lokesh Gamer includes reaction videos, giveaway video and free fire gameplay montage. Lokesh has a large screen presence, which is reflected in his likes and numbers. YouTuber is also popular for posting funny content around the game.

2) A_S Gaming

  • Subscribers: 12.5M
  • Channel views: 1.4B
  • Most popular video: 21M

A_S Gaming is among of the two top Indian Indian YouTube channels that specializes in Free Fire content. Sahil Rana, owner of A_S Gaming, uploads at least one video every day and often uploads funny content from the game, which is why his channel has seen a huge increase in upsurge in recent times.

1) Total Gaming

  • Subscribers: 26M
  • Channel views: 4.1B
  • Most popular video: 32M

Ajay from Total Gaming could be crowned as India’s most popular Free Fire Streamer broadcaster due to the large number of subscribers on his channel. Ajay, popularly known as Ajjubhai, posted his old video for Free Fire back in December 2018 and has grown significantly since then.

The youtuber  sometimes posts multiple videos per day on his Total Gaming channel. The channel has a variety of challenges, gameplay, and funny videos in all livestreams and highlights.

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