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Top 5 Bizarre Products Showcased On Shark Tank India 2022 !!

by RTD Journal
Top 5 Bizarre Products Showcased On Shark Tank India 2022 !!

Shark Tank India made all of us glue our eyes to the TV screen for weeks, and we loved it. The show was full of drama, interesting ideas, banter, and much more. However, we can’t help but accept that there were some really bizarre ideas that either made us laugh our asses off, or left us totally confused.

So, If you are a fan of the show, you’d love to be reminded of all the things that stood out, not particularly in the best way. Here’s what we think:

1. Poo-De-Cologne (India’s first pre-toilet spray)


This one may not seem strange, but because there are currently other inexpensive options on the market, the judges were hesitant to invest in a product that had already been done at a much lower cost. Poo De Cologne was the name given to it by the female entrepreneur, and it was supposedly made of essential oils. The sharks, on the other hand, chose to let this one go.

2. Sipp-line (Glass Ka Mask)

One of the sharks (we all know who) became rather “agitated” as a result of this creation, but that isn’t the point. The entrepreneur offered the idea of a mask for your glass to the sharks, but he was unable to persuade them to invest.

3. Belly Button Shaper

We had never considered getting a gadget to ‘improve’ our belly buttons before, but this man’s fixation with the body part got us curious. The product was simply something you put in your belly button to obtain a round navel after using it frequently. This gizmo is now for people who wish to flaunt their belly button, according to the developer. Models, belly dancers, and other performers are examples. The judges, however, were unimpressed, and the inventor returned home with no investors and only a round belly button.

4. Tween In One

Another product that prompted one of the sharks to lash out at the entrepreneur (what’s in a name?). The woman’s goal was to revolutionise the fashion business by introducing reversible apparel. The sharks, on the other hand, were not pleased with anything and refused to invest in the goods.

5. Green Protein

Ashneer had concerns about the black currant being excessively sweet, or “poori cheeni,” as he put it, while Aman couldn’t bring himself to drink the glass he was given, even making faces.




Bizarre Products Showcased On Shark


Bizarre Products Showcased On Shark

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