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The Toy Boat Festival: Kartik Purnima

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Kartik Purnima Celebrations In Odisha

Wake up early + Take a shower + Go to nearest water bodies + Float toy boats with Diyas = Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima, the full moon of the Hindu holy month Kartik, considered one of the most beautiful days in the Hindu calendar, is viewed with great enthusiasm in the Odisha Province.

At dawn, people walks of life observe the ‘Boita Bandana’ tradition with floating toy boats in nearby water. They set up boats full of betel leaves, fruit, coins, diyas, candles, etc. Crackers also exploded to celebrate the event.

However some believe that tradition is designed to worship ancestors and claim their blessings.

In the beautiful Kartik moon, devotees go to the temple and eat only vegetarian food. The last five days of the month are considered the most important and are known as “Panchuka” The last day is celebrated as Kartika Purnima.

Many women, especially widows and old women keep a special brata and eat only once a day for a whole month. And these devotees are called “Habisyali”. Their brata comes to an end on this beautiful day.

The famous Bali Jatra, an annual exhibition on the Mahanadi River in Cuttack, kicks off this day. A long and fair church, literally means A Voyage to Bali. The festival is held in Gadagadia Ghata on the Mahanadi River, marking the day when ancient sailors embarked on their commercial voyage.

Some people do not eat non-veg for whole month. In fact some do not eat foods made using onion and garlic.

The toy boat festival also marks the end of a month-long abstinence from non-vegetarian food for many Odia families. The next day of Kartika Purnima is celebrated as ‘Chada Khai’ people start eating non-vegetarian food from that day.



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