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The Miracles of Juggernaut

by RTD Journal
The Miracles of Juggernaut

‘Juggernaut’ refers to the unstoppable force. The word traces its roots to the massive Jagannath Yatra Chariot, seemingly unstoppable due to its immense weight. Everything is a miracle when it comes to the Lord Jagannath. His eyes full of charm has the potential to draw devotees from all around the world. There are many charismatic tales about the Kala Thakura, but what makes him distinctive from others?

As Tribal God

In his previous avatar as Nilamadhava, He was worshipped by huntsmen and the Shabar community, thus getting the name of Tribal God. The use of Neem Tree is quite widespread among these types of tribes for Daru Bhrama. The custom of burying the old idols during Nabakalebar (Patali) and not cremating as Hindu rituals is another connection between Tribals and Lord Jagannath.

As a Flawed God

The incompleteness of Chakadola is a direct hit to the ableist society. With no hands, legs, eyelids, ears & painted lips, nose, He expresses the required incompleteness and imperfection of all things in this world. Not everyone is flawless, and they need our attention, love & care. He makes us think about our attitudes towards disabled people. He teaches us that there is no such word as ‘disabled’, only different!

As a Black God

In a world of racism, He is a flagbearer of the coloured community who stands with his people. Just like the colour black, which absorbs all wavelengths, he accepts everyone with his warmth. Everybody gets mesmerized with his large round eyes and, two stumped hands pointing forward gives a vibe of openness and kindness.

As Humanized God

His tales gives us the essence of a regular household. From Snanajatra to Niladri Bije, He shows that He is no different from his devotees. Whether it is the excitement to go to His birthplace with His siblings (to Gundicha Temple) or convincing his raged wife with a Matka of Rasagolla, these happen in our day to day lives. He shows us that he is just like us!

As People’s God

Behind this title, there is a story of His great devotee named ‘Salabega’. Salabega was offered prayers to Lord Jagannath, requesting Him to wait until he arrived. It was on Bahuda Jatra when Lord Jagannath decided to fulfil the wish of his devotee. His Ratha, ‘Nandighosa’, didn’t move until Salabega’s arrival. Besides fulfilling Salabega’s desires, He also fulfilled the wishes of lakhs of devotees.

Bottom Line

He and His devotees

bestow the power of Unity

Giving meaning to His infinite

Mercy and Humanity!

-Karishma Behera

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