by Bithika Mohanty

I was once seeing someone smoking cigarettes, why were you there? I did not ask because you were just beside the person who is like a home to me. But then you turned out to be a plot of land, close to someone I would admire.

Do you remember our first truth and dare, I wish I would have known you were here because you also liked the home I have. Now the home has you but I am not in the house. I have to stay in the garden I made for us.

It did not hit me till my home was sad, us in my dreams or us you promised lacked an s, so it is just you. I wonder why I did not ever see it.

Oh my heart still remembers, when we both came in front of my house. Hours and hours went by, we sat in the dining room with warm coffee, you asked me my name. I said it is the second one in the alphabet, I treated you like a ghost. I did not want to see you, ghosts are temporary.

Only if I would have known, you are not a ghost but a plot of land, and my house needed a garden.

Soon you showed me the plot of land, the ghost I thought you were, was the ghost you pretended to be. I wish you were just a ghost, but I like talking to you at 7 am and pm and ghosts like to stay past 3 am. I liked the idea of you being a garden, I planted my first seed. But I realized, the plot I planted was near the ocean, and you were near my house, my house was far from the ocean. I sat on your plot of land. Looking at the ocean, I realized how much your dreams matter to me for some reason. I turned around to look for you, my house was happily decorated, and there were choirs. My love was happily dancing in my house, and my friends were singing and calling my name.

As I took my first step from the plot of the land, it hit me, the plot is next to my house and my house is near the sea now. I was standing in front of my house, holding the hand of a friend of mine, hoping we still have food left in the house. But seems like my house is now yours, and your garden is mine. I decided to build a beautiful garden for u and for us, but you cared for yourself.

Do people who need warmth take over other’s duvets, how does being warm feels like? My friend also went inside, but all I knew was that the home we used to know is no more ours. But she still took your permission to take thing’s from our home, and our house lied to us for being with you. Stopped opening the doors and closed the windows. Why would the home do it to us? Only if we would give it a thought, but our priority was you and your plot of land where we planted a lot of seeds, the plants were starting to grow.

Once done planting, me and my friend turned around and our home was gone and all we could say was “y-our” home. Our home came closer to the ocean and went farther, without us noticing. I and my friend were standing there again holding hands, and the tide came in slowly, the soil started to move. It was plastic. Was none of you real? Slowly, the shore was getting washed, and it was all plastic, we could not move forward because the plastic was killing all our plants. We lost our home and garden, your plot slowly sank under the ocean, with us. And we saw it, the land of plastic but our plant’s roots had soil which attracted more soil.

Our garden stayed under the ocean, we stayed under the ocean and removed the plastic from the plastic, and it was true. It was you. You were the garden and the ocean was polluted by you now. When we entered deep down the own we collected the plastic, but it was too late, the fishes were dead.

How do you sleep well in our home, on our bed?

The garden can always be rebuilt with effort, but we will have to clean the ocean and the ground.



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