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Summer Heart break

by Bithika Mohanty
Summer Heart break

I am jealous of her because she has you. When my love died no one was beside me, I was asking for you, were too blind to see? I guess you were. Our web of lies and truth has strangled us already. What do you want me to do with my heart now? Throw in front of you.


You are so cruel, you use me to walk to her. My blood marks the road and her name marks your smile. Why would you even write your name on my hand, when you were to take hers? Are you still going to say the truth, or wait till I bleed to death.

Guess she knew or she knows, she enjoys you much more than she could vow. Or shall I say, you both were blinded by what they called the sweetest poison? You should have stopped him if you were to choose him over me.

Our shadows ran through the fields, which are now graveyards for me. What can I bargain you for, you are evil, I don’t like you. You took over the things that were mine and left me alone, you liked her and you lied.

Our truth and lies stranded us, leaving me thirsty for feelings. How bad could this thirst be if you ask, remember I move in a forest but I feel like I am in a desert?

You act so benevolently that you give life to the flowers, but the truth is you are just a sour wave in the ocean, the one that brings dead fishes that look alive. No one knew how those fishes died, don’t worry I will tell no one. Your secret that you shared that night is safe with me. I am burning with the secrets that you told me at midnight, before kissing me.

You never told the truth to her, you were not green you are blue. Just like me you feel the truth but you took in plastic to be green, you took a lot of lies may be one of them or half of them could be for greed. The plastic you took in killed your fishes, you are now green it is true, but you bring sour waves, I don’t like you in summer. You taste so bad, you taste the same.

But I felt better that night because I thought you had poison in yourself, never knew you were the poison for my next few nights. What kind of pearl do you produce are you proud of it, are you sure people will like you and love you when they know you use dead fishes for eyes?

Do you think she will like you the same? Remember, the weeds that you grow and burn and breed are the seeds of poison. I don’t want to tell anyone, but I have your poison and I am holding it in. I told her about it. But she forgot our shadow already, the fields that I went to that day. Turned from green to grave and I was bleeding.

No one was there, neither were you nor was she. How it feels to breed poison, now I am broken, what will I treasure? This summer I had a heartbreak but if I tell you what I got, it rains diamonds in my city from now on.

I am rich with emotions, I am the forest you are scared of, and you are a garden under the poisoned ocean.





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