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Study By AIIMS Suggests Odia Cuisine ‘Pakhala’ Boosts Immunity

by RTD Journal


The sudden onslaught of covid-19 has created a bizarre phenomenon. A lot of lifestyle changes has been made-face masks have been made a staple, everything has gone online and a major emphasis has been put on boosting our immunity.

People have started scouting for food that can help us combat the deadly virus. A survey conducted by Bhubaneshwar AIIMS has revealed that ‘pakhala’ can help in boosting our immunity. Considering that ‘pakhala’ is undoubtedly Odisha’s favourite cuisine, no one is complaining about it.

Balamurugan Ramadass, an additional professor of biochemistry at Bhubaneswar AIIMS has found that ‘pakhala’ is indeed good for us.

In his study, he took 20 different types of fermented Pakhalas & Torani (liquid residue of water rice) to research them.

His research has revealed that Pakhala contains beneficial fatty acids which can be nutritious and beneficial for pregnant women.

His research has also concluded that the Pakahala Torani can help tackle malnutrition.


By Ankita Mohanty



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