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The whole world is passing through a tough time right now; every country every small part of the world is affected by this global Pandemic… even in our country, the cases of covid 19 has been gradually increasing day by day. But the best part is, there is a community of some of the most dedicated professionals who have been working hard day and night with a lot of will and selflessness to keep us safe and make situations better for us in these lockdowns, may it be the devoted medical professionals including the doctors and every medical staff falling under the hierarchy chain, the highly committed policemen and the army of our country who irrespective of what their families are going through these days are still on their duty to protect us from external powers, or the municipality workers and cleaning staffs who regularly are keeping the things, places, environment sanitized for us,  or the delivery guys who are making things easy for us by conferring us with necessity goods or the socially responsible workers who are feeding the poor and animals in this situations and our government of states and centre who genuinely are working on producing vaccine and giving the shot to every single human of this nation, trying to eradicate it getting things back to normal.

But how can we, who are not part of any of these heroic jobs and common citizen as of now, can contribute our best in this fight? We can by staying at home and saving ourselves from being affected. It’s very tough for some people to stay at home whose lives run on daily wages, they have to go out and work we can’t stop them to feed their families unless we come up with sources to help them which could genuinely keep them at home, but if we are financially capable to sustain the shutdown with whatever limited resources we have, one should avoid going out for any work or any profession he’s in for whatever the amount of money the work is paying. We need food to live but more than that we need a life to enjoy that food. So don’t go out unnecessarily unless there is any sort of genuine reason like a medical emergency or getting yourself vaccinated. Stay at home enjoy this time with your family, spend time with your parents you don’t know how lucky you are having them at this time when many have lost theirs in this pandemic, play with your children, video call your friends and loved ones,  learn new habits, expand your knowledge logically and creatively, watch TVs, play video games do all those things that you loved to do when you had no idea of this world which was beyond your childhood, respect this time the universe has given you, take this phase positively. Show your gratitude and love by staying at home to all those people working 24*7 tirelessly for someone else’s survival who have no work with, who are not even their own, by staying at home and keeping yourself safe you are even going to help the daily wagers who anyway have to go out to work for their survival, if not financially but by saving a bed and some oxygen for them, which they might lose for a financially stronger person who got covid by going out needlessly, this would be our contribution towards the nation the society and to humanity.

Written by – JOY

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CK May 10, 2021 - 4:38 PM

Excellent 👌 Joy


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