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15 Things Every Book Lover Will Relate To : SNEAK PEEK INTO THE LIFE OF A BIBLIOPHILE

by Arpita Mohanty
SNEAK PEEK INTO THE LIFE OF A BIBLIOPHILE : 15 things every book lover will relate to

“There is only one thing that can replace a book. The next book.”

All the book lovers reading this must agree with the above stated line. For some , books are their best friends, for others, a travel machine. How easy it becomes to escape reality, traverse space and step into another world. All one needs is, to turn a page and explore with the fuel of imagination. Here are 15 traits that can help us identify bibliophiles.

  1. The urge building up within a bibliophagist (a person who loves to read books) to know what happened next and the curiosity to find out the climax, that grows with every next chapter cannot be justified with words.
  2. Normal people get butterflies in their stomach when they fall in love. But book lovers get it when they buy a new book. There is a joy of adding another a new story to the shelf and excitement to dive into its world.
  3. Through all these years many things have changed, but the raging eagerness to tell a big “NO”, but that awkward “yes”, to a friend who wants to borrow the book has remained as a constant fear in them.
  4. That moment when their book is in someone’s hand and it is folded, the flush of anger that rushes in and makes them want to give a punch on the person’s face is obvious, because the bond of a book and its lover is beyond limits, something that is quite underrated in the era of social media.
  5. With every crease in the pages, it feels as if someone has cut through the heart, and with every mark it feels like a wound that can’t be healed. So, they have an inbuilt art of turning any object around, to a bookmark.
  6. They like to spend more time with the characters in the book rather than any acquaintance. Dare anyone tell a word against their favourite character, they will defend the character by hook or crook. They fall so much in love with the characters that they start wishing them to be real. And when they step into reality, anything less than their expectations is just not acceptable.
  7. Be it in the middle of the night or in between the working hours, worrying more about the fictional characters than the real people in life is their characteristic attribute.
  8. In every trip, their bag becomes so much filled with books that there is no place left for clothes. Ultimately, the clothes are stuffed into another bag.
  9. Ask a bibliophile out, you would definitely get to hear, “Sorry, I have to read a book”. They do not care what others think about them when they are engrossed in a it. They are least bothered by the people around when they have a book in their hand.
  10. “Who told break up hurts the most, have you ever lost a book ?” An  idiosyncratic sadness glooms their heart, the day they lose a it.
  11. They will always find a part that has not been covered in the movies that are based on books. They find out the gaps in no time. For them, it is always better than a movie.
  12. Book lovers never go to bed alone. At times, the anticipation to finish the book, keeps them awake whole night.
  13. “So many books, so little time!”.

When loaded with work, the dilemma to choose between work and book hits every book lover hard.

  1. Ask bibliophiles if they haven’t spelled “Expecto Patronum” at least once, with their pencils as a wand. Drawing analogy between their life and the book is their favourite pass time. This makes them think and behave like the characters.
  2. If they have lesser friends and more books in their shelves, there is no doubt they are a bibliophile.

From buying a new to completing it, is a journey with thousands of inexplicable events. Only book lovers can understand the emotional rollercoaster that they experience. To everyone who has found a home between the pages of books, a very happy book lovers’ day !



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