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Six Hacks To Build Your Instagram Game

by Disha Banerjee

In today’s world who isn’t on social media?


Social Media is the current hub for connecting as well as correcting with the on-going trends & of course people.

According to a report by “Backlinko blogs” in 2019 near-about 4.48 billion people use social media, i.e 56.8% of world’s population. If we calculate an average person’s usage according to this data then it will be around 2.2 hours / day. This number will definitely go up if we count it in current pandemic time.

From teenagers to working professionals social media has now opted as a great marketing tool for personal branding to building a vast product base.

Are you one of those people who take up their phone and scroll throughout the aesthetic Instagram reels all day and wonder why your posts are not getting enough engagement?

Worry not! We will be helping you with six useful Instagram hacks that will help you wind up your profile.


  • Be Consistent: If you go through any of the influencer’s IG profile what you will find is CONSISTENCY. They post pretty much everything & anything mostly every day. That is for to build a daily habit with their followers about their content as well maintain a social presence. Hence, if you want more people to see you being regular will be one of the hacks.


  • @Trending: Social media is a platform where millions of people connect on a platform and every information is just a click away. In a second something gets viral & becomes the hot gossip, the next maybe something else will be on trend. To maintain a good traffic, it’s very important to always follow the on-going trend and act timely; that will increase the profile footfall.


  • Hash the #hash-tags:  Hash-tags can be a great tool to amplify the reach of your content and take them to your target audience right-up. As right-now digital marketing topping the way, hash tags are a great help to label your content towards the niche. Few websites to help you with this are- Ritetag, Besthashtag, Hashtag generator, All Hashtag etc.


  • Talk-talk: Communication is the key; remember that always. Be very interactive with your audience in order to gain trust and good eye. Nowadays every social media app has a ‘Live” feature where you can interact with them right there. Try to conduct live sessions of trending topics and focus on how your followers’ views matter on that particular one.


  • Different Than The Rest: Lastly be different and by that what we mean is creatively different. Creativity what catches eye & people do acknowledge that. Combine your 2-3 ideas and creatively put that through.


  • Content-0-magic: There’s a proverb saying “Not everything shines, is gold”. Just like that for more recognised audience one should take care of the content quality and their audience is relating with the topic. For a say, if someone has a garments brand they should post more modern fashion hacks and transitions than other topic; in that way your niche audience will be more attracted towards it.


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