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Role Of Architecture In Nation Building

by RTD Journal
Role Of Architecture In Nation Building

“An architect designs for the present with an awareness of the past for a future who is essentially unknown.”- Norman Foster Building of an empire or a nation means structuring or framing the unabridged nation aforesaid to match the ease and comfort of the individuals of the nation. More often than not it hangs on the population, area, climatic factors, topography and basic requirements of the nation. Nation building is a vast area which can be subdivided as building of individual towns into cities, to districts, states and so on. It is also viewed as the power of the whole state. The growth of every nation has its own way and terms. As each and every profession has its own importance in its place, hence, architecture is growing its place slowly and regularly. Hence the future of nation is deeply rooted in architecture of that place.
With the growth of technology and accessibility, tourism is gaining its importance in today’s scenario. The architecture of a nation helps in tourist visits across the whole world. The monuments, extremely carved temples, rich heritages, luxurious palaces and the beautiful landscapes pull the hearts of the people to visit such places. This also helps in a broader part of a country’s economy and finance. Having said that, architecture has been lending its hands towards building the industrial sectors, companies, etc., which even stand close to serve the economy of a nation. They also serve many hundreds and thousands of livelihoods. Architecture also helps in developing the film sectors of the world, taking the entertainment of the people to a whole new level with its prophetic creations. Turning barren lands and dump yards into such architectural masterpieces enhances the beauty of the place and the country as a whole. Architecture speaks the history and geography of a place; due to the change in climate and temperature, even the shapes, forms and textures of a building changes.
As coin has its two sides, lotus is immersed in mud, science has its boons and banes, a human has some good with some bad habits. a glass filled with half water and is half empty and films teach and ruin us at the same time, similarly architecture and nation building have its demerits too. Too much of something is always bad. The growth in population makes architecture restricted to small amount of land. The green cover of the earth is getting reduced in greater pace. Amount of population is rapidly increasing, hence causing various diseases. Due to over exploitation of land, calamities fall over every now and then in most part of the country. The industries release huge amount of toxic gases which contributes to various kinds of pollution. Too much of built environment which helps in growth and economy of a nation also produce some toxic gases and pollution that creates deadly diseases like cancer and asthma. The huge high-rise social apartment sectors save a lot of land cover while disturbs the climatological cycle of the certain place.
As values depicts a person’s personality and his house, likewise architecture depicts a nation. A nation with good architecture and architectural monuments shows the rich culture and
tradition of a place. Architecture helps not only in piling the nation but also in structuring the aesthetics of a nation. But too much of anything is way too bad and a wrong practice. Similarly, too much of built spaces and built environment affects the nation adversely. If it is taken as a good source of economy booster and personality changer of the nation, then it can create wonders in its own space. Hence, I would like to request everyone not to exploit the beauty of nature rather endeavour the best of your own abilities on enhance the beauty as well as create comfortable living spaces for human beings and other creatures on earth.

Ananya Sreyansri
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