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Remains Of 2000 Yr Old Pre-Historic Civilization Found In Balasore, Odisha

by Ankita Mohanty

An archaeological excavation at a coastal village in Balasore district has unearthed an urban civilization of over 2000-year-old that used developed agriculture tools.

At the beginning of the 1st phase of deep excavation carried out by the Archaeological team at Durgadevi village in the district, traces of pre-historic age-like agriculture tools of around 4,000 years old and urban life of 2,400 years old were found.

The discovery included several materials of the Chalcolithic period, the Iron Age and the pre-historic era. The pottery specimen of different colours, iron pots, terracotta ear studs, bangles, beads, terracotta wheels, floor and walls of houses were also found on the site.

A map has also been unearthed that indicated that houses date back to the Chalcolithic period.

“There was a human civilisation which had collapsed around 2000 years ago. But, we have found some solid pieces of evidence of a human society that existed there. The discovery has heralded a new chapter in the history of Odisha as well as India,” said Sunil Patnaik, archaeologist.

The site is believed to be a fortress of a king and the materials discovered from the place during excavation are believed to be a part of the pre-historic age.

According to locals, Devi Durga in the name of Gada Chandi was founded in 1839 in the exact locality.

“A statue of lion was installed on a big piece of stone on which the year ‘1839’ was engraved. The stone carving has gradually decayed. So, it is believed that it was built by an erstwhile ruler and later installed by the locals in front of the temple,” said Bigneswar Dwibedi, a priest at the Durga temple.

Further research is underway and traces of the early-historic period are being conserved for the same.

“I would take it to the Central government and try to make the place into of a tourist and historical importance.  Let more traces be discovered,” Union Minister and Local MP Pratap Sarangi has said.




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