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PM only wants to tell his ‘mann ki baat’, not listen- Hemant Soren

by RTD Journal

Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Hemant Soren took to twitter to express his frustration over Modi’s unresponsiveness in a phone call on the Covid-19 situation. 

In a Hindi tweet, Soren mentioned, “Today, the respected Prime Minister called. He only spoke his “Mann Ki Baat“. It would have been better if he would have talked business and listened to the issues,” while referring to PM Modi’s monthly radio spot, translated as “heart’s say”. 

Soren’s reaction came after Modi spoke to him and the chief minister of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana about the Covid-19 situation on Thursday. 

Sources claim that Soren was ‘unhappy’ because he wasn’t allowed to present issues ailing his state instead he had to listen to Modiji, who talked about the Covid-19 situation. 

The post provoked a furious response from BJP leaders and supporters.  

“Hemant Soren is a failed Chief Minister. Failure in governance. Failure in tackling COVID in the state. Failure to assist people. To hide his failures he demeans the office he holds. Wake up and work, Mr Soren. The clock is ticking,” tweeted Jharkhand BJP leader Babulal Marandi.

The Congress also jumped on the opportunity to call out Modi. Congress leader Pawan Khera tweeted, “It is a very serious and worrying that even at this time, the Prime Minister only wants to talk, not listen.”

Jharkhand is among the worst-hit state by the 2nd wave of Covid-19. Jharkhand along with 10 states and Union Territories are collectively accounting for over 75% of daily Covid-19 deaths in India. The others in the league are Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. 

The mortality rate in the state remains higher at 1.28 per cent against the national mortality rate of 1.10 per cent.

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