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Physical Teaching For UG Students To Begin In Odisha From Sept 20; Higher Education Department Issues Guidelines

by Swati Sahoo

Physical classroom teaching for first-year undergraduate (UG) students in several universities and colleges in Odisha is scheduled to restart after a lengthy hiatus.

The Odisha government set the dates for the start of physical classroom instruction on Saturday, citing an improvement in the state’s Covid-19 pandemic condition.

Physical method of teaching will restart in universities and colleges for UG first-year students (for both 3 year and 4 year UG degrees) beginning September 20, 2021, according to a notification published by the Higher Education Department.

The Higher Education Department has sent a letter to the vice-chancellors of all State Public Universities and principals of all Government and Non-Government degree colleges that fall under its jurisdiction, requesting that they take proper steps to resume physical classroom instruction.

According to the announcement, all of the hostels for these students will reopen on September 19, 2021.

If there are too many pupils, the Odisha government has ordered that courses be divided into batches. Similarly, the instructional hours might be extended if needed, according to the notice.

COVID-19 preventive rules have been established by the Higher Education Department, which must be rigorously observed when the physical style of instruction in classrooms is resumed. Those are:

-Teachers, staff, and students from Containment Zones are not permitted to attend University/College.

– A face mask or face cover is required.

– Hand washing and sanitization should be done on a regular basis.

– Social distancing must be used in classrooms, libraries, and labs, among other places. Classes can be broken into batches and teaching hours in a day can be extended if necessary.

– Spitting is absolutely forbidden on campus.

– Respiratory etiquette must be observed according to the letter. (When coughing or sneezing, a handkerchief is used to cover one’s mouth and nose.) – Health self-monitoring and sickness reporting should be promoted.

– In the event of an emergency, an isolation room must be available.

“Suitable decision regarding the commencement of classes of 2021-22 Under Graduate and Post Graduate First Semester/ First Year shall be communicated later. State Private Universities (under H.E. Department) may also consider following these guidelines to the extent required by them,” the notification read.




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