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Pakistani Woman TikToker Assaulted By Crowd of 400 men, Her Clothes Torn While Filming Video

by Ankita Mohanty

A Pakistani woman TikToker has claimed that she was “attacked” by hundreds of people while she was filming a video on 14 August, Pakistan’s Independence Day, in Lahore.

In her complaint, the woman has said that she was filming a video near the Minar-e-Pakistan with six companions when a crowd of around 300-400 people attacked them.

‘People were clawing at her and scaling the enclosure’.  She alleged that her clothes were torn and she was tossed into the air by the crowd.

“We were shooting the clip when a good number of youngsters started teasing me. They were joined by more and more. Seeing the suspects harassing me, the security guard of the Minar-i-Pakistan Park opened the central gate to let her enter to take shelter. When I crossed the gate and entered the park, the suspects came after me. They tore my clothes and molested me. They dragged and tossed me up in the air for fun. They also beat my team members, and used abusive language,” she mentioned in the FIR teary-eyed.

The complaint said the group tried to escape but the “unidentified persons assaulted us violently”.

The woman has also complained that her ring and earrings were stolen. A phone belonging to one of her companions, his identity card, and a sum of Rs 15,000 were also snatched by the crowd.

There were also reports circulating in social media saying that the TikToker was carrying 2 flags, i.e. Indian and Pakistan to use them in her TikTok in connection to the Independence Day of both countries. Someone in the crowd raised an objection that led to the entire incident.

However, the police haven’t confirmed this social media report.



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