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Odisha Plans To Build Long Saline Embankment On Coasts To Obstruct Storm Surge

by RTD Journal

Following the recent devastation caused by Cyclone ‘Yaas,’ the Odisha government has increased attempts to enhance saline embankments in order to avoid large tidal waves from inundating coastal areas during severe storms.

Jyotirmaya Rath, the chief engineer of the Water Resources Department, said today that the government has produced a Rs 6000-7000 crore Detailed Project Report (DPR) for a long-term plan to control high tides during storms.

In the first phase, Rath said, plans will be made to build a 380-km-long saline embankment at a cost of Rs 1944 crore, along with stone packing and a plantation drive along the entire coast line.

Rath claimed that a breach in the Kani river embankment near Brahmacharipatna was the cause for the flood-like condition that happened in the aftermath of the recent cyclone in numerous rivers in north Odisha.

“A 15-foot-long breach in the Kani river embankment is being repaired using sand packs in the presence of department engineers. The repairs should be completed by this evening,” he added. Rath stated that no other significant river embankment or saline embankment has been breached or damaged anywhere in the state.

The water level in the Subranarekha river has begun to recede, thus there is no longer any concern of flooding. Last night, the water level fell one meter below the danger mark.

Water is still logged in some low-lying places of Basta, Kasaphala, and Baliapala. Rath stated, “I expect the water to recede fully by tomorrow morning.”

Damages in Baliapala, Basta, and other areas in Balasore are being assessed. After the complaints were received, he stated, compensation would be offered to the impacted persons.

Written By: Swati Sahoo


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