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Odisha Govt Calls For Additional Guidance For COVID-19 Vaccination Of Pregnant Women

by Swati Sahoo

Additional guidelines has been issued by the Odisha government to aid in the seamless implementation of COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women. It has also mandated that all stakeholders’ cascade training be completed in time for the vaccination of pregnant women to begin.

In order to accomplish this, the State Department of Health and Family Welfare sent a letter to the collectors requesting that they personally supervise the activity to assure the vaccination program’s success.

It outlined the critical tactics that must be implemented right now to ensure that pregnant women are properly vaccinated:

Cascade training of Healthcare personnel: 

1. All Program Officers/Managers, and Doctors at the district and block levels will be trained on the guidance note via virtual mode by July 10, 2021. Doctors and managers from private hospitals will also be invited to participate.

2. Local professional organisations such as FOGSI, IMA, IAP, NNF, and other state-specific professional bodies, among others, must be immediately orientated.

3. Staff nurses, LHVs, ANMs, Vaccinators & Verifiers, and other field functionaries will be trained in small batches at the PHC/CHC level by July 12th, in accordance with Covid guidelines.

4. Similarly, by July 15, 2021, ASHAs / AWWs must be oriented at the sector level.

Mobilization and vaccination of pregnant women: 

1. A sector-by-sector line list of pregnant women will be developed for mobilisation to a nearby CVC on a specific session day.

2. During VHND/UHND day or any other platform, ANM is responsible for counselling pregnant women about COVID-19 vaccination.

3. ASHA will organise pregnant women on a predetermined date and time.

4. The CHC MO I/C shall set up a day for the vaccination of pregnant women in various locations around the block, such as CHC and PHC, so that pregnant women do not have to travel a considerable distance for vaccination.

5. At the session location, a separate area should be set out for pregnant women to wait and be observed, and they should not be allowed to line for vaccination.

6. Pregnant women must be monitored for 30 minutes after vaccination for AEFI (if any). Each AEFI case must be reported on time, according to the criteria. Members of the District AEFI Committee will be educated on the importance of immunising pregnant women as soon as possible. Members of the district AEFI committee will consisting of a gynecologists’ and a pediatricians.

7. At the vaccination site, there should be drinking water and restroom facilities.

Recording and Reporting: 

1. Pregnant women’s MCP cards must have the first and second dosage vaccinations documented.

2. A full report on pregnant women vaccinations, broken down by name and date, should be created at the block level and submitted to the district every day by 6 p.m.

3. Every day by 7 p.m., the district should send a block-by-block report to the state.

4. At regular intervals, the district task force shall meet to examine the cascade training and achievement.



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