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Odia Film Daman’s Trailer Out Starring Babushan In The Lead Role

by Swati Sahoo
Odia Film Daman's Trailer Out Starring Babushan In The Lead Role

JP Motion Pictures has released the official trailer for the eagerly awaited Odia film of 2022 featuring prominent Ollywood actor Babushaan on social media networks. The film will be released in Odisha during the Raja festival.

Bishal Morya and Devi Prasad Leka, the film’s filmmakers, had previously said that the official trailer will be released on Republic Day. The trailer has sparked a lot of interest among moviegoers since its debut.

The trailer seems intriguing, and it might usher in a wave of an entirely new genre never before seen in Hollywood.

The narrative is based on true events and follows a doctor who goes about his responsibilities boldly and without regard for the repercussions. His fight to raise awareness about the reality that malaria cannot be healed by superstitions, but only with correct awareness among the people in Odisha’s rural areas, where there isn’t even a telephone tower or proper connectivity.

As we all know, Odisha is one of the leading contributors of Malaria, and no effective measures have ever been made to address the problem. This is the narrative of a doctor’s extraordinary and heroic effort to rescue the inhabitants of Malkangiri, a cut-off area and Maoist stronghold, from Malaria.

“The film is likely to be well received by fans who feel that Odia films lack freshness and creativity,” said Daman producer Dipendra Samal.





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