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NordPass Reveals World’s Most Common Passwords Of 2021

by Ankita Mohanty
NordPass Reveals World’s Most Common Passwords Of 2021

Password management service NordPass is back yet again with its annual list of top 200 most commonly used passwords. And you guessed it right, 123456 is still the most used password. This is astonishing because in 2020  ‘123456’ made up for the most common password after being used 2,543,285 times. The usage increased to 103,170,552 times in 2021 worldwide.

Apart from the recurrence of 123456 in most of the phones across the globe, here are some of the most used passwords & phrases used in passwords by people around the world.

The top 10 most common passwords list:

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. qwerty
  4. password
  5. 12345
  6. qwerty123
  7. 1q2w3e
  8. 12345678
  9. 111111
  10. 1234567890

It’s almost as if these are the exact password some of our closed ones use. Despite security experts recommending using strong and unique passwords, along with two-factor authentication and password managers for more security, people continue to use weak passwords- making it easier for cybercriminals to hack into your system.

Research suggests that the popular ‘123456’ password can be cracked within less than 1 second. Out of 50 countries, where the firm analyzed the data, 43 of the countries had 123456 as their number 1 password.

Indian, however, uses ‘password’ as a password more often than you think. It was used by 1,714,646 people in the country.
Top-10 common passwords in India after ‘password’ are 12345, 123456, 12345678, 123456789, india123, 1234567890, 1234567 and qwerty. Other commonly used passwords in India include “iloveyou”, “krishna”, “sairam” and “omsairam”.

The firm also came up with a risk index where it analysed countries into three risk tiers: low, average, and high. The index was constructed after considering the number of passwords leaked per capita. According to the index regions like Central and North America, Russia and Australia were marked as high-risk tiers. Most European countries were marked as average risk category, while India was marked in the low-risk tier.

Source: Times of India






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