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Newlyweds Urged Guests To Wash Dirty Dishes After The ‘Lavish’ Wedding Venue ‘Blew Their Budget’

by Swati Sahoo

Remember when you believed you’d have to wash the dishes if you didn’t have enough money to pay at a restaurant? Even if it hasn’t happened to you (hopefully), these wedding guests weren’t that fortunate.

A wedding guest was surprised to learn that she was being forced to wash dishes because the bride and groom had chosen’self-catering’ after a ‘beautiful and pricey’ location had ‘blown their budget.’

The woman in question was shocked to learn that she and the other nine guests would be responsible for cleaning the filthy dishes after the bride and groom failed to hire someone to do so.

“The bride, a relative of mine, and groom have gone all out for their wedding, renting a beautiful and expensive venue. Beautiful ceremony, beautiful photos, and so on. The buffet line and tables have been set up on the building’s screened porch “On Reddit, the woman wrote.

When she asked the bride’s mother to contact the caterers to request more food, she was told there was none available.

She went on to say, “They wanted to create a sense of richness, so they bought top-of-the-line foodstuffs (excellent cuts of meat, artisan breads and cheeses, and so on), which meant they only had enough food to accommodate roughly 3/4 of the attendees. The remainder of the group went hungry.”

But that wasn’t the worst of it; some of the guests were then requested to help wash the dishes. She penned, “The bride and groom had spent the majority of their wedding budget on the venue and the bride’s (quite stunning) couture gown, so they opted to ‘self-cater.’ Whatever. Dinner is over, and we’re getting ready to start the celebration when the maid of honour appears and invites a few of us into the kitchen with her. We’re off. Because there is no air conditioning, this kitchen is a billion degrees. She shows us heaps of dishes and glasses before telling us we have to wash them?!”

She went on to say, “Self-catering appears to include the rental of dishes and glassware, with the deposit forfeited if they are not returned clean at the end of the evening. However, because the bride and groom are on a tight budget right now, they haven’t hired someone to clean up. So I spent the most of the reception in the kitchen, elbow deep in soap and water, with perhaps nine other guests.”

They “missed the first dance and the cake cutting” while washing the dishes, but it didn’t matter because the bride and groom “hadn’t purchased enough cake for everyone either.”

“Three years later, the couple split… I declined my invitation to the bride’s second wedding,” she wrote.

Would you have done the dishes if you were in charge? Please let us know in the comments section.



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