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NEET Cheat Gang Says 'Worked Hard For Last One Year To Find Dummy
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NEET Cheat Gang Says ‘Worked Hard For Last One Year To Find Dummy Candidates’

by Swati Sahoo
NEET Cheat Gang Says 'Worked Hard For Last One Year To Find Dummy Candidates'

The police recently apprehended a ten-member group that was assisting financially sound students in passing the NEET exam by using fake applicants who were forced to sit the test in their place by altering the photos of actual candidates on admission cards.

Surprisingly, these defendants told police authorities that they had been working hard for the last year to find the dummy candidates as well. During interrogation, they disclosed that finding such people who could take the test and assist the actual candidates in passing the exam was a difficult process.

This ten-member group was apprehended by authorities only hours before the NEET test began on Sunday.

Anil Nimawat and Shardul were working together to get fake applicants to sit the exam by collecting a huge sum of money from the genuine candidates, according to the police.

When the police searched Anil’s phone, they discovered photographs, Aadhar numbers, and conversation data, as well as money transactions. Police also discovered a complete list of 15 names and bank account numbers, and have been detaining the suspects since Saturday night.

The fake applicants were persuaded to take the exam in exchange for a large sum of money.

Police arrested the 10-member gang on Sunday and placed them in custody until September 15, seizing one laptop and 15 mobile phones from their hands.

Officials acknowledged that the group planned to use false examinees in the exam, but they were apprehended when police received a tip.

According to the police investigation, the gang began looking for dummy applicants a year ago among pupils who had taken the test and passed it. The majority of these are students currently pursuing an MBBS degree. They were persuaded to take the test with the actual applicants and pass.

Those from low-income families were picked, and the candidates’ photos were altered on the admission card to aid them in taking the exam, according to authorities.

They acknowledged that the fake applicants were given cash assistance from time to time in order to keep their confidence in the gang alive.

A tip-off provided police with information about the gang’s activity on WhatsApp conversation, which included money transactions and student information. The situation is still being investigated.

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