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National Parent’s Day 2021: Read To Know The Date, History, Significance & amp; Celebrations

by Swati Sahoo

The day is commemorated to honor parents’ efforts and lifelong sacrifices. Parents provide their children with mental, emotional, and financial security, as well as ensuring that they have everything they need in life. On Earth, parents are a gift from God. Nobody will ever be able to take their place in life.

They play a vital part in the lives of children. The purpose of National Parents’ Day is to encourage responsible parenting and to recognize strong parental role models. The day also honors the unique love and care that exists between parents and their children.

What is the history behind this?

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a law and the US Congress passed a resolution designating the fourth Sunday of July as Parents’ Day. This day is similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in that it honors both mothers and fathers. The purpose of Parents’ Day, according to the Congressional resolution, is to “recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

How is it celebrated?

Every year on this day, Americans honor excellent parents, celebrate teamwork in child rearing, and promote the role of parents in providing advice and assistance in the development of a strong and secure community. Community leaders organize Parents’ Day events across the country in a number of states.


  • Parents have a critical part in their children’s growth. They provide everything a child requires during his or her development.
  • Parents assist us in being educated. Parents make all kinds of sacrifices and cut back on their own living expenses for the sake of their children’s future.
  • They show their children unconditional affection.
  • They help financially and emotionally.
  • Family support is an important component of everyone’s life. Parents and grandparents are considered members of the family. Parents are home.
  • Children learn the importance of discipline and relationships from their parents.
  • The best friends of children are their parents.
  • When you fall, your parents are always there to catch you.

There are numerous reasons why parents are essential. Some of them have already been mentioned.

However, how much respect and value we pay to our parents is determined by our sanskaras and thinking. They assist us in all aspect of our lives and have prepared us to handle any future obstacles that may arise. Parents are our first teachers and they live for us. We ought to respect them and their choices.




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