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National Cancer Awareness Day 2021: All About The Day And Few Survival Stories

by Arpita Mohanty
National Cancer Awareness Day 2021: All About The Day And Few Survival Stories

“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”

A quote by Marie Curie, which has summed up her life perfectly. Born in Warsaw on 7th November 1867, her thorough research in radioactivity constructed the way for treatment of a deadly disease like cancer. For her powerful ideas, indomitable spirit and her gigantic contributions towards the well-fare of the people, her birthday is commemorated as National Cancer Awareness Day in India.

Lack of awareness and prevalent taboos results in very late detection of cancer which ends with fatality. It is found from research that in India, 70% of cancers are preventable. But the lack of proper precautions is responsible for high fatality rates in our nation. According to WHO estimates, at least 1 in every 15 people will die of cancer.

National Cancer Awareness Day aims to spread the knowledge of early detection and prevention of cancer.


1. Yuvraj Singh – A Hero of Indian Cricket

The famous cricketer with six consecutive sixes to his name was at the peak of his career when he was diagnosed with a type of lung cancer that has a very low survival rate. In 2011 when India lifted the world cup after 28 years, Yuvi, as his fans lovingly call him, had a huge role to play, but no one knew, not even he, that deep within he was fighting a dangerous disease. His love for cricket brought him back to the field after his treatment. And he continues to inspire people worldwide with his power of strong will and love for his dreams.

2. Sonali Bendre – A Popular Indian Actor

The popular Indian actress, Sonali Bendre, chose to switch on the sunshine when a dark eclipse had doomed her life. Since her diagnosis, she has tried to spread awareness, and as much positivity as possible to the world. Her perseverance and patience have made her a survivor of metastatic cancer.

3. Anurag Basu – A Famous Indian Director, Screenwriter And Producer

A director, actor, screenwriter and producer with phenomenal works like Barfi, Life Jagga Jasoos etc., had been first diagnosed with cancer in 2004, shortly after his success from Murder. While doctors had predicted maximum two weeks for his survival, his dreams extended his life span, and he now stands among us, as a very successful personality. His battle with blood cancer did not kill his passion rather made him a warrior.

4. Neelam Kumar – A Renowned Indian Author

“You will not define my life, I will”, is how Neelam gave a hard punch on the face of cancer. She chose to be the victor instead of being the victim, and came out with the most cheerful book on cancer, which eventually became a bestseller. People from around the world found hope, positivity and strength in her words. She strived for life, without losing hope, and that is how she triumphed over deadly breast cancer.

5. Saraswati Singh – An Emerging Entrepreneur of Odisha

The winner of Times Entrepreneur Award 2020 from the East zone, who belongs to Berhampur, Odisha, didn’t lower her grit when doctors gave her a 6 month boundary for life. Once an accountant, she had left her work to take care of her children. After being diagnosed with cancer, she resorted to spiritual videos and shows. And meanwhile she came across the networking business. She took up the challenge, during the times when doctors had advised her to not indulge in work and spend the rest of the few months of her life with family, she chose not to settle. Her ambitions gave her wings, and not only did she survive cancer but also earned national recognition in the field of social entrepreneurship.


  1. Avoid the usage of drugs and stop smoking.
  2. Read aloud the line saying “Tobacco causes Cancer“, on tobacco pouches and do not intake it.
  3. Give up sedentary lifestyle, exercise daily and eat healthy.
  4. Limit the consumption of alcohol.
  5. Do not pollute the air around you, air pollution is also a huge reason for types of cancers like lung cancer.



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