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Nancy Pelosi Compares Capitol Riot To 9/11 attack

by Bithika Mohanty
Nancy Pelosi Compares Capitol Riot To 9/11 attack

As Washington gears for a right-right rally, the House speaker of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, has compared the January 06 Capitol riot to the heinous 9/11 terrorism attack. Pro-Trump supporters are readying to march outside the Capitol building to raise their voices in support of people who had attacked the high-security area on January 06.

The far-right demonstrators will be taking to the streets to protest the arrest of the people who destroyed the Capitol building and the idea of democracy in the US in January 2021.

To avoid repetition of the deadly attack, this time the US Capitol Police are better prepared to handle any form of violent or non-violent attacks.
This time the Capitol Police has installed new security fencing all around the Capitol building to keep protestors away from the high-security area. In addition to this, new and improved surveillance cameras have also been set up in the area to keep an eye on every little detail during and around the protest. “What we’re concerned about, I think more than anything, is the possibility of counter-demonstrators making it to this demonstration and there being violence between those two groups,” Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger told reporters. Termed as ‘Justice for J6’, this rally is being organized by a non-profit organization, Look Ahead America. The organization is controlled by a former analyst of the Republican Party, Matt Braynard.

Meanwhile, Pelosi, a strong Trump critic, has likened the January 06 riot to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.
Pelosi justified her statement by saying that while the 9/11 terrorism attack on the World Trade Center was an attack on the US from outside, the January 06 attack (promoted by Donald Trump) was an assault on the US democracy from within the country. It “was an assault on Congress, constitution and our democracy. How we deal with it is really the measure of the strength of our democracy,” Pelosi said. She also urged Republicans to mend their ways and request their followers to stop violent attacks on the country. “I would say to my Republican friends – and I do have some – take back your party, the Republican party. The Grand Old Party has made tremendous contributions to our country founded by Lincoln. Don’t let your party be hijacked by a cult – essentially, that is what is happening,” Pelosi said. “This is not conservative. This is radical rightwing, off the spectrum, anti-governance and if you are anti-governance it is very difficult to govern.”




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