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Mysterious Case Of Kazakhstan Village Where 160 People Slept For Days

by Swati Sahoo
Mysterious Case Of Kazakhstan Village Where 160 People Slept For Days

We previously narrated to you about a secret Indian town known as ‘Kodihini,’ where twins are born. The topic of today’s tale is about another strange village where people slept for weeks on the streets. This may come as a shock to you, but it is real.

This one-of-a-kind town is called Kalachi, and it’s located around 230 miles northwest of Kazakhstan’s capital, where residents sleep for weeks rather than days. This is why the community is known as “Sleepy Hollow.” The majority of the individuals in this area appear to be asleep. These villagers have also been extensively studied because of their sleeping patterns.

When did this phenomenon begin?

Residents of the village of Kalachi in northern Kazakhstan began to fall asleep abruptly around the end of 2012. While fishing, in front of the stove, or behind the automobile, the residents may pass out. This unusual illness mysteriously vanished in October 2015.

Lyubov Belkova was the first to be assaulted in April 2010. She was working at a market in April 2010 when she was overcome with uncontrolled sleepiness and blacked out. She didn’t wake up at a hospital until nearly four days later when a doctor informed her that she had suffered a stroke. Later, five additional ladies from the hamlet, including a child, were infected with the unusual illness at the same time. After a few months, the illness had infected 140 of the 810 people, signaling the start of an epidemic.

Did people remember anything after waking up?

About 600 people live in this weird town, and about 160 of them sleep. However, after sleeping, the villagers seem to forget all that has transpired in the past, and males appear to have requested sex. The majority of the residents in this town suffer from sleep problems. When they are reminded of something from the past, they recall it.

“As soon as guys wake up, they crave sex straight away, and this urge lasts for at least a month,” one lady in the hamlet allegedly stated.

No one could explain why this was happening at the moment. Even medical testing is unable to determine the source of their insomnia. Many people assumed that the town was plagued by demons and that something awful was about to happen as a result of this. This town was unknown to the rest of the world until an article appeared in a local magazine. People there eventually began to ponder about the situation. Only 160 individuals were found to have these symptoms.

What was the actual cause behind this strange phenomenon?

According to experts, the influence of uranium-based toxic gas in this community is extremely strong, causing residents to sleep more than usual. Experts further claim that the water in this town contains uranium-based toxic gas, causing the water to become poisoned and polluted. According to research, the amount of carbon monoxide gas in water is significant, which causes individuals to sleep for months.

People used to fall asleep at anytime

Kalachi village has another peculiarity that is even more surprising: they have no idea when the residents would fall asleep. People can fall asleep at any time when eating, drinking, or bathing while walking due to this disease. The residents of this unusual town claim that they are not even sleepy.

The physicians were taken aback since they had no idea what was going on, and they began to question the sky, air, water, and even the vodka they were drinking, believing that individuals had been poisoned by burned vodka. Because this community is near to an old ghost town with uranium mining, doubts were cast on the mines.

However, it is only now that this huge and odd enigma has been solved: everything occurs as a result of carbon monoxide combining with hydrocarbon particles in the local environment.

‘Krasnogorsk,’ a ghost village near Kalachi

In This Village Resident Slept For Days

The fact that measurements of these components revealed that the indices were always normal explains why this strange sickness took so long to be discovered. The phenomena only happened when there was a peculiar combination of very little oxygen with an excess of CO and CH, and it only happened under particular atmospheric circumstances since, typically, these three components were always at normal levels of activity independently, so they never raised concern.

Of fact, Krasnogorsk, the ghost village, is the source of this strange mixture, but it has no direct relation to the Uranus it conceals. It turns out that numerous wooden structures were utilized in these ancient mines, and when the mine in this hamlet was closed, they filled it with water, causing carbon monoxide to be created by keeping the wood in touch with the water.

Around 6,500 miners and their families were spitting out life in 1991 when Moscow declined to assist Krasnogorsk and Kazakhstan put a halt on uranium mining.

There were no detectable amounts of radiation or heavy metals in the region, according to the Ministry of Finance and Health. The amount of radio discovered in some households was insufficient to explain why individuals were sleeping.

People sleep over six days

In addition to the symptoms that the victims were experiencing, they began to experience acute hallucinations, nausea, and exhilaration, both before and after going to sleep. Most of those affected had substantial memory loss when they recovered consciousness, which caused fear among locals, owing to the fact that many of them had had the sickness many times, sleeping for up to six days in a row.

To make matters worse, the people of Kalachi discovered that not even pets were immune to the disease, which further frightened them.

However, after doing evaluations and observing that the sickness had affected even the animals, the physicians diagnosed “encephalopathy of unknown origin,” a general term for brain disorders, because they had no other explanation.

How these mystery talks were put to an end?

Professor Leonid Rikhvanov, a Russian scientist, was the first to propose that the sickness may be caused by radon gas poisoning, which is common in mines. “To put it plainly, when the uranium mines were abandoned, they began to fill with groundwater,” he explained.

Berdibek Saparbaev, Kazakhstan’s then-Minister of Labor and Social Protection, said in a report that the sickness was caused by carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbon pollution caused by the flooding of a Soviet uranium mine.

“At some point, uranium mines were closed, and a concentration of carbon monoxide might occur inside,” Saparbaev stated. “As a result, the oxygen in the air is diminished, resulting in this type of sickness in humans.”




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