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Mumbai Man Sues His Parents For Giving Him Birth Without His Consent

by Swati Sahoo
Mumbai Man Sues His Parents For Giving Him Birth Without His Consent

Yes, you read that correctly. A man from Mumbai has stated that he intends to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. Raphael Samuel, 27, labels himself on Facebook as an anti-natalist and has posted a video on YouTube describing his decision to sue his parents. Anti-natalists think that procreation is morally evil. In fact, one of the images Samuel shared on Facebook reads, “Procreation is the basis of all evil.” “Stop having children.”

Samuel expresses his stance in a widely seen and shared video aired on the YouTube channel ‘Nihil Anand.’ In the video, he can be seen wearing a fake beard and sunglasses, as he has done in previous posts. “I want everyone in India and around the world to understand that they are born without their consent.” “I want children to understand that they owe nothing to their parents,” he adds in the video.

Watch: Raphael Samuel’s video keeping his stand

“Procreation is the most selfish act on Earth,” Samuel stated in an interview with LatestLY. If you ask anyone why they procreate, they will always say, ‘I wanted.’ It is wrong to bring a child into a suffering planet. The goal of an antinatalist is to persuade people to cease reproducing. Why? Because life is full with adversity.”

Sameul also recounts his mother’s reaction to his belief and decision to sue them in another post:

People on social media have had varying reactions to Samuel’s messages and videos.

“How were you meant to gain permission?” This lawsuit’s premise is absurd. It makes no sense. “He comes across as ignorant,” one Facebook user adds. “I absolutely support you, people should think about it before having a baby, but in reality, they don’t much,” a YouTube commenter says.

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