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“Mo Bus” Emerges With Innovation To Strike Lockdown Gloom

by RTD Journal

At a time when the state is under lockdown and public transportation has come to a toiling halt, Odisha’s public carrier, ‘Mo Bus,’ administered by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT), has made innovative use of its Twitter handle to engage the people in trivia and games

Most crucially, it has maintained a public interest in this COVID outbreak, when everyone is compelled to seek shelter in their houses and yearning for some refreshment, which the ‘Mo Bus’ Twitter handle promises.

The microblogging account of Mo Bus provides a much-needed respite to its followers from the constant buzz of COVID deaths and Coronavirus cases that they are faced with whenever they switch on the TV sets or open the morning newspapers, with trivia associated with bus stops in the Twin Cities, jumbled words, and ‘Fill in the blanks.’

Mo Bus had earlier on Friday uploaded four photos on its Twitter account, asking followers to connect them with the bus stations they represent. The people were quick to comment, and the ‘MO Bus’ Twitter admin was eager to reply as well.

Similarly, on Thursday, it had posted a ‘Fill in the blanks’ to attract people’s engagement. “Let’s do a brain workout while you stay at home. Share your answers in the comment section. Hint- Some words are related to CRUT & some are related to the preventive measures of coronavirus,” the tweet said.

It is important to note that the CRUT, led by IPS Arun Bothra, has suspended bus services as a result of the COVID-induced lockdown. Incoming travellers, however, can take a bus from the railway station to Cuttack or Khordha. Flyers can take use of a shuttle service from the airport to the railway station.

Written By: Swati Sahoo

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