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Little Things Review: Kavya-Dhruv, A Perfectly Imperfect Couple

by Navya Naveli
little things

It’s Not for us to say
What will be
And at the end of the day
We’ll see
which way the whole thing bends
And what it could bring
‘coz nothing really matters
‘cept the little things

We all need some reassurance from time to time. That’s what little things leaves us with.

A lot of us were strongly adverted to relationships but when kavya said “no matter what, this stays” we were introduced to the contentment of love. They taught us to be there and help each other grow. When we saw them laughing together, we couldn’t stop ourselves from believing in love.

You both were a perfectly imperfect couple. You loved each other every day and that’s what made you special. We fell in love multiple numbers of time. Might it be when Dhruv sent biriyani along with a note for his “biriyani monster’’ for spoiling her dress or when Kavya ordered mutton chop for Dhruv from his favourite store to make things right. Might it be when Dhruv booked tickets for Kavya when her dog died or when Kavya stood with him while he pursued his dream all the way in Bangalore.

The way you took trips to explore yourselves as individuals showed us how important it is to take a break from life and that finding happiness beyond your partner isn’t falling out of love.  The way you understood each other made us crave for companionship. And the way you celebrated each other’s success, asked us to never settle for less. Your journey was extraordinary and we felt it.

Your story wasn’t a fairy tale. It was not in any way a smooth or easy ride. You were working, learning and growing through the bumpy ride together. You adapted to everything that came your way to keep your relationship strong. You could face every insecurity and uncertainty head on. You were ordinary but your friendship made you special, making life all about the little things made you special. But you both together made us feel complete.


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