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Life is all about following your passion

by Navya Naveli
Life is all about following your passion.

You might have to quit your job, come out of your comfort zone and make up your mind to follow your passion. It is never easy. But settling for less is never an option also. Life is too short to settle for less. Following your passion is about a lot of things. It gives a sense of purpose to your life. Life isn’t always about selfish needs. It’s about pursuing something that you like. It’s about being you. It’s about helping the world to be a little better place. It’s about you being genuinely happy.

Pursuing your passion will be your choice. You will face both success and failure but it will be for something that you love. You will have far greater peace of mind. Being passionate about something that you do for a living will add far more value to your work. You will love to give your entire efforts and you will have better results than you expected. This is very natural when you pursue something that you love. You will have all the energy and enthusiasm in the world to start another day. Adding to all these, your dreams will manifest into reality. It will help you to maintain your focus and to be persistent. It takes true strength to go after your passion but that you build up your character.

It’s never too late. Moreover, even if it is, it’s always better to be late than never doing it. Start pursuing your passion now. Timings can never be perfect. You will face a lot of difficulties your way but it will all be worth it. being realistic is good but following your pattern will give you joy. You will feel wholesome.

Bollywood’s underrated movie Tamasha, being an absolute masterpiece is a perfect example of this. Ved, the character played by Ranbir Kapoor in the film decided to quit his 9-5 job to follow his passion. It has affected people in a better and positive way and changed their lives into something completely different. It taught us a lot of things. It taught us to never push ourselves into doing something that we never like or something that we are not happy with. It taught us to travel, to explore and, to think outside the box. To understand ourselves better. But it also taught us that it’s okay to be confused, to not know what to do next or where to go. Quitting your job is never easy. But following your job is much important. You needn’t compromise every time. It’s okay to not have a stable job, at least you will be happy with the right headspace. And at last, your family and your loved ones will definitely understand you and support you. Maybe not at first but they will come around eventually.

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