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Learn 100 Common Phrases In English

by RTD Journal

Our communications skills tells a lot about us. In order to make your English stylish, in order to crack the interviews, in order to impress your Boss,  in order to be admired in your friend allies, in order to impress your crush, you need to add some Masala in your English. So, I’ve collected 100 common phrases in English that I hear all the time. Here you go..

1. stay out of trouble
2. don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
3. you’re pushing your luck-you are taking too many risks
4. you have your head in the clouds – you are just
5. Let me know
6. get back to me – respond me
7. get real- be realistic
8. let’s get down to business- lets start working
9. It was like pulling teeth – really tough
10. Good to know – thanking for information
11. who knows?
12. who cares?
13. who do you think you are?
14. who asked you ?
15. I’d like to pick your brain- I wanna know more
16. keep me posted
17. I don’t know off the top of my head – use it when you
can’t give the answers straight way
18. I spoke too soon – without checking the right answer
you gave the wrong answer
19. keep them on their toes – keep them work harder
20. I’m sorry for the mix up – apologizing for confusing something
21. wait, don’t tell me
22. I’d be happy to help
23. you get what you pay for
24. right this way-showing the direction
25. I can’t keep up
26. put yourself in my shoes
27. I have too much time on my hands – i have extra free time
28. I have a lot in my plate – overloaded with something
29. give me a break
30. stop being so hard on yourself
31. how’s work going?
32. Have you heard the good news?
33. push back the appointment – postpone the appointment
34. i don’t wanna hear that
35. I’m losing it – I’m going crazy
36. I’ve lost my touch – I’m not good as i used to be
37. I’ve not kept in touch with them
38. stay in touch
39. you look like a deer in headlights – you’re too scared
40. can i take a message
41. they’re out of the office right now
42. they’re not available at the moment
43. don’t push me
44. don’t be so quick to judgement
45. I’ve a bad feeling about this
46. I’ve a good feeling about this
47. I can’t imagine
48. a little birdie told me
49. make time for (something)
50. let me see how i can move some things around
51. look out!-be careful
52. think fast!
53. loosen up- relax
54. put something on hold
55. you can’t be serious
56. go ahead
57. it’s no big deal
58. will do
59. don’t put me on the spot
60. watch where you’re going
61. What can i do for you?
62. It’s out of my hands
63. hands off!
64. Hang Tight – hold on
65. Hurry up!
66. keep my head above water
– when you are doing everything but almost failing
67. get out of your comfort zone
68. I can’t get that song out of my mind
69. I can’t put a face to the name
70. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket
71. you’re playing both sides
72. we need to talk
73. You’re killing the mood
74. you went too far
75. I’m flattered
76. I’m feeling under the weather
77. You win some, you lose some
78. Please have a seat
79. living beyond your means
80. please excuse us
81. you’re all over the palce
82. I have no idea
83. I think there must be some kind of mistake
84. Don’t paly dumb with me
85. I have faith in you
86. get your head in the game
87. living the dream
88. you pulled a fast one on me
89. i want nothing to do with it
90. I’m washing my hands of this whole situation
91. It’s up to you
92. he wouldn’t hurt a fly
93. we’re short on time
94. I think I’ll pass
95. so glad you can make it
96. to get the job done
97. Let me get this right
98. Let me sleep on this
99. Have you thought this through
100. will not let you down

So, what are you waiting for, add these phrases in your English and change your personality.

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