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Labourer To 'Lakhpati': Story Of Odisha’s Tribal Youtuber Isak Munda |
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Labourer To ‘Lakhpati’: Story Of Odisha’s Tribal Youtuber Isak Munda

by RTD Journal
Labourer To 'Lakhpati': Story Of Odisha’s Tribal Youtuber Isak Munda

He used to watch YouTube videos to alleviate his hunger, but he never thought that a platform would one day change his life.

Isak Munda, a tribal man from Babupali village under the Jujumura block in the Sambalpur district of Odisha who used to fight for his survival, is now one of the most successful YouTubers in the country.

The life of an Odisha man changed after he started posting his videos on YouTube and soon became a millionaire from a daily worker.

His YouTube channel ‘Isaac Munda Eating’ has more than 7.35 lakh subscribers.

“One day I was watching videos on my mobile phone when a video popped up. In the video, the presenter suggested making of videos and uploading them on YouTube to earn money. I repeatedly watched the video and decided to give it a try,” said Munda. 

Munda’s journey as YouTuber began in March last year where he posted a video of himself eating a bowl of pakhala with onions and green chilli. There has never been a look back since.

Field videos have no unique or unusual content. Instead, he makes simple local food videos that most people watch, earning him fame and income.

Munda posted videos of local food such as fish curry, chicken, wild mushrooms, red ants and snails. Commenting on food items in a mixed language in Hindi and Sambalpuri, Munda has posted more than 300 videos so far.

When the media team arrived at Munda’s home to gain insight into his success story, he was collecting mushrooms with his new video. Later, he had a meal with media staffs and posted a video on his YouTube channel.

In addition to local food videos, Munda also makes fish-catching videos without the challenge of snacks among the children of his home.

“In August 2020, I received Rs 5 lakh income from YouTube. I have built a house with the money and bailed out my family from the financial crisis. I have also decided to extend help to needy people as per my capacity,” said an elated Munda. 

His wife said, “I feel very happy now that our financial situation has improved so much. Now we have access to food and other basic necessities. ”


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