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Know the 10 Famous Nicknames of Places in Odisha and Why They Are Named So

by Arpita Mohanty
Know the 10 Famous Nicknames of Places in Odisha and Why They Are Named So

Here, “there is a lot in a name”, a name enunciates history and with it unfolds interesting stories. Let us discover ten such nicknames and find out the meaning between the lines.

1. Sorrow of Odisha – Mahanadi

The gigantic wave and flow of Mahanadi was the cause of many devastating floods. After the construction of the Hirakud Dam, its notoriety came under control. Yet the damage it causes after heavy downpours is still humongous, and the recent flash flood last year that affected 4 lakh people, is the testimony to the fact. 

2. The Silver City – Cuttack

As the city shimmers with a silvery aura, thousands of people crowd in Cuttack during Durga Puja to see the exclusive decoration of Chandi. Built by King Ananga Bhimadev III, some 1000 years ago, it is renowned for its fine Chandi Tarakasi, the art of silver-filigree works, and hence the name “Silver City ”. 

3. Sports Capital of India – Bhubaneswar

In the era where cricket was an emotion and the national sport, hockey a long-forgotten dream, Bhubaneswar stood tall and firm, preparing for training the best hockey players, who the world knows today. Starting from World Hockey Championships to State Level Tribal Sports Meet, cradling the budding talents from nook and corner, in the world’s best hockey stadium, Bhubaneswar slowly transformed into the Sports Capital of India. 

4. Silk City of Odisha – Berhampur

Unwoven from cocoon and spinned by weavers, the Berhampuri patta saree stands out with its extraordinary zari embroidered edges. Along with the saree comes the “Joda” for men, designed in the hands of skilled workers. Thus, being called “The Silk City of Odisha”.

5. City of Waterfalls – Deogarh

This “Haven of Gods” is a home to many waterfalls like Koradkot Fall, Deojharan Fall, Pradhanpat Fall, to name a few. It is festooned with scenic beauties with waterfalls as the main attraction. Therefore, it is known as the “City of Waterfalls”.

6. Spiritual Capital of Odisha – Puri

According to Hindu belief, the four sites of pilgrimage are the abode of the Gods, and a visit to the Chaar Dham will wash away all sins. One of them is Puri, the residence of an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Jagannath along with his wife Goddess Laxmi, his siblings; Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra. Divinity can be felt in the air, once one enters the vicinity of Puri. The smell of abadha, the tinkling of bells and troops of Puri Pandas, build up ethereal vibes in the city. All these factors clubbed together, make Puri the Spiritual Capital of Odisha.

7. Steel City of Odisha – Rourkela

Rourkela, having an abundance of iron ore, is the home ground of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP), the first integrated steel plant in the public sector in India. It has a Big Core Sector in the case of Steel, heavy blast furnace, etc., which laid the foundation stone of industries like Larsen & Toubro Fabrication Plant in Kansbahal and more. Consequently, getting the nickname, “The Steel City of Odisha”.

8. Diamond City – Sambalpur

Be it the mentions of ancient Roman scholar, Cladius Ptolemy’s “Sambalaka” or the British historian, Edward Gibbon’s “Sumelpur” in their books, all the centuries old references point to Sambalpur. The gravel bed of Hirakud, in Sambalpur, contained the precious diamonds. A great diamond trade followed the resource treasured in this district, which is therefore called the Diamond City.

9. Bhata Handi of Odisha – Bargarh

Rice, the staple food of Odisha, is abundantly produced in Bargarh. Owing to the geographical location of this city, it gets a lot of water. Thus, making it suitable to grow Paddy, which is the crop that requires a great amount of water. “Bhata Handi” , translating to “Rice Bowl”, gets its name due to the large production of rice in the farmlands of Bargarh.

10. Kashmir of Odisha – Daringbadi

Snow-capped mountains and chilled atmosphere, sometimes dropping below 0 degrees Celsius, Daringbadi, is indeed a replica of Kashmir in Odisha. Situated at an altitude of 915 metres, this city captivates tourists worldwide for its picturesque scenery.



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