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June Sale: Pride

by RTD Journal

It’s been fifty-two years since the New York police stormed the Stonewall Inn gay bar, provoking the LGBTQ community to fight back in a series of riots what was then called the gay liberation movement. After a year, it got its name as “Gay Pride”, where various pride events occur during this month. In India, it has been twelve years since the first pride parade has taken place in Kolkata. But what about it? No doubt, the results are much better since then. If we peek at the positive window considering all these years: 

  1. Various Supreme Court cases have declared for the benefit of the community. 
  2. Some loud and proud voices are increasing day by day. 
  3. The space to speak against all odds is expanding.
  4. Many organizations opened their arms wide for this community. 

No doubt, social media played a vital role in pride month. Everybody give a hand of support through their white screens. But has anyone tried to get a glimpse into their lives on the ground? In a populous country like India, this particular community is suffering a lot. Everybody acknowledges the problem, but nobody gives a thought to this matter. 

Can you afford to be proud? 

These days, several companies/organizations in India come forward and show their support and love for the community. But is it enough? It has become more like a trend which everybody needs to follow to be in the market. The more corporate biggies enter Pride, the more expensive celebrating it becomes. The tradition has been tampered with by the new trends that are entering the stage. Pride festival, T-shirts, accessories are now in fashion. Their growing into a more commercial space reveals to us the story that Pride is no more a movement but a party. 

Every logo is sparkling with Rainbow

Logo speaks the perception of a brand, and when the Indian companies/organizations decide to paint themselves in seven colours, everybody goes gala about it. Some projects LGBTQ as their target audience for consumers, and some do it out of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There is no speculation about the advertisements which help to normalize the situations for these communities. But there is still dirty business taking place on employees whose company support Pride Month widely on the Internet. They sell fake opinions to get attention in the millennial society, which can lead to good branding. There remains still a challenge for employees to share their true identity.  

The Bottom Line

If we want to paint colours in the lives of the LGBTQ community, then we need to understand their Point of view regarding these trends. Do you think buying a pride T-shirt can help them? Let us all normalize this thing to make their world worth living. There must be an open space in any organization for them to talk with freed and pride themselves about their identity. It all starts from within us if we remember to turn on our humanity. 

By Karishma Behera

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