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Instagram Tests New “Collab” Feature In India, May Let Creators Co-author Posts, Reels

by Swati Sahoo

Instagram is working on a new ‘Collab’ feature that will allow users to collaborate on Feed Posts and Reels with other Instagram users. The Facebook-owned social media site is now testing the yet-to-be-released features in India and the United Kingdom.

Instagram said in a statement that collaborating is a big part of how users connect on the platform. “You may invite a collaborator to your Feed Post and Reels with ‘Collab,’ and they can share the content with their audience,” the company said.

Both users will be identified as authors of the Instagram content they post. Their followers will be able to see both creators’ names on the posts that appear in their feeds.

“Only public accounts that are participating in the test can be invited to ‘Collaborate’/co-author. They’ll be added to the tag screen and acknowledged in the header of your post once they’ve accepted the collaboration invitation ” the statement stated.

Instagram said in a statement that the content made in partnership will be exposed to both producers’ followers. “Right now, we’re only testing this (Colllab function) with a tiny percentage of our global community,” the comapany added.

Instagram has been testing a number of new features in India in order to boost its user base. For starters, the social media network originally tried the ‘Reels’ feature in India, which has since proven to be a huge success for the platform, garnering millions of views and generating revenue through advertisements.

In addition, Instagram’s Live Rooms functionality was first tested in India and other significant areas. Four users can go live on the social media site using the Live Rooms function.






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