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Indian Navy Day 2021: Importance, History and More

by Arpita Mohanty
Indian Navy Day 2021: Importance, History and More

“Let us celebrate with pride, the service rendered by our Men in White!”

Our seas and oceans reverberate with the motto of the naval branch, framed in Sanskrit, “Shaṁ No Varunaḥ” which translates to, ‘May the Lord of Water be auspicious unto us’. They are an integral part of the Indian Armed Forces.

With 7516.6 km of its long coastline,1382 islands, and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 2,305,143 sq. Km, India satisfies the conditions of being a primary maritime nation. The 12 major along with 205 minor and intermediate ports play an essential role in 97% of India’s trade that takes place through the waters. India’s modern shipbuilding and shipping industry, the seabed mining areas and fishing industry open a plethora of opportunities for growth of the nation. With such a rich oceanic resource there’s a high requirement of safeguarding it and ensuring its sustainable exploitation. Here comes the role of the Indian Navy, to maintain peace and stability in the waters. The Indian Navy also shoulders the responsibility of helping people in distressful situations like flood, drought and other natural calamities. According to our former Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru,

” To be secure on land, we must be supreme at sea.”

That’s how important the naval force is for India. The strength of the force is imperative to the nation. Time and again, the Indian Naval Force has proved its power. And this day celebrates their selfless efforts to keep us, our economy and our seas, safe.

• On 3rd December of 1971, Pakistan attacked the Indian airfields along the demarcation, which begun the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
• On 4 December 1971, Operation Trident was launched by the Indian Navy on Pakistan’s Naval headquarters, the port of Karachi, as a reply to the war started by Pakistan.
• While there were no losses on the Indian side, Pakistan incurred a heavy price.
• This operation resulted in strategic Indian naval victory and partial naval blockade on Pakistan.

It is celebrated to commemorate the success of Operation Trident and to pay reverence to all the martyrs of the war.

This year the theme of the Navy week is, “Indian Navy – Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive”.



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