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Human Rights Groups In Pakistan Call For Imran Khan’s Public Apology For Remarks On Rape

by RTD Journal

Human rights organizations in Pakistan, called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in publicly apologizing for controversial statements about sexual abuse, which have been attributed to a woman’s dress.

At a press conference held on Thursday, 16 civil society organizations, including the human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), the Women’s Action Forum, the Tehrik-e-Niswan, Aurat March Pakistan Institute of Worker’s Education, and Research, especially condemned Imran Khan’s troubling statements, pair of women’s clothing is made from the rapeseed, HRCP said in a statement.

This is the second time that the PM brings the “temptations of the sexual intercourse.

This is dangerous, simplistic, and increase the general public’s perception that women are “known” to the victims and the people in it are “helpless” aggressors. The head of the government, a government that claims to protect the rights of women, a group with the realization of this vision, it just doesn’t have to apologize,” the statement said.

The party went on to say that it’s a daunting, that is, the percentage of female members of the ruling party rushed to the ministry of defence, and are justified by his comments vague and illogical terms and conditions.

“Even a cursory glance at the news to make it painfully obvious that the victims of gender-based violence, women, girls, men, boys and that these operations can be carried out in schools, workplaces, homes and public places. Gender, age, and clothing does not “prevent” rape, and more than that of the time of day, or the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator,” the Commission said.

The prime Minister needs to understand that rape is an act of power, not only as a lack of sexual control, HRCP went on to say.

“We demand an immediate public apology from the prime Minister’s office and the insurance of which are very false perception of the” how ” and ” why ” of a rape occurs, it is not the basis for the Government is trying to fight against it, and that it is a serious and widespread crime in Pakistan,” the Commission said.

In an interview with Axios on HBO, One of them said, “If a woman is wearing very little clothing, and it will have an impact on the men, unless they have been dismantled. This is common sense.”

“I said, the concept of ‘purdah’. To avoid the temptations of society. We have no discos or clubs. There is a different audience to buy. So, if we can be tempted to increase in society, and to such an extent, all of these young guys and have nowhere else to go-it will have its impact in the society, ” he said.

This comes two months after Imran Khan’s remarks about the violence has led to a sharp backlash when he said that, with the increase of a force in Pakistan, particularly in children, was caused by “fahashi” (aggressive).

One of the new, controversial statements, has led to a flood of angry reactions on social media as netizens called his comments “victim blaming”. Responding to the comments, a Garida Farooqi, described her reaction to the prime Minister’s words, as “horror”, “horror” and a “sense of outrage”, She reports.

Another writer, Shahmir Sanni, said: “What is most disgusting about Imran Khan’s apology for rape, is the fact that almost every woman who was gang-raped in Pakistan, she was wearing what he asked for me, and modest clothing. This has nothing to do with the clothing, but simply as a person who is trying to avoid responsibility. He’s sick.”

-Avinash Pradhan


Women Wearing Scant Clothes Impacts Men, Unless They Are Robots: Pakistan PM on Rising Rapes

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