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HEY RX 100 – No one can take your place 😉

by RTD Journal

HEY RX 100, I really never was so fond of you as a child, being a child I used to watch young people driving some of the coolest bikes like Karizma, CBZ , Hunk , Apache , Pulsar , Unicorn and other sexy machines then , and wonder why would my dad still drive this senile machine , that really has become obsolete with its 2 strokes technology and generates a real eccentric sound which wasn’t that cool to the ears. But as I grew up I gradually was compelled to drive you, to tuitions and other places where my friend would flaunt their cool bikes and scooty. I remember rushing and raving you on the roads on my way back home from tuitions in grudge to make you dysfunctional sooner. I kinda had started adapting you and accepting you as one of the irrevocable truth who I have to compromise riding on despite not liking you with all my heart, because I knew a year or two down the line I gonna get a bike of my own, whatsoever it may be but would definitely be cooler than you, and I parted my ways away from you as I happened to get one in my 12th and drifted apart completely in my graduation. But one day it all altered, that day when I was driving you in Cuttack on the road to Naraj, nearly after a year and a half I rode you last time, I could really realize that driving on that road has never been this fun with other bikes. You stimulated all those moments in me, where you have never troubled me on the most difficult roads even though I had always suspected your strength, how you never have had let me down in those races on my ways back to home from tuitions, how riding you would always give that feeling of trust of making it through even the most toughest roads, times you have really saved me from all those “to be happened” petty and big accidents, how you have played the role of a companion more than a friend that you became one of the most integral part of my life as you have been to dad for over 35 years now . I promised myself that day that toughest of times may come but the bond we share would be unbreakable and cherished. You may rust with time, change colours in years, The machines in my garage may increase down the line but none of them can substitute your place in my heart. And someday we both will go on a journey to compensate for all the time we didn’t ride together.

Written by Joy

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