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Has The Taliban Changed For Real? Or Is It A Well-oiled PR Machinery At Work? | RTD JOURNAL
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Has The Taliban Changed For Real? Or Is It A Well-oiled PR Machinery At Work?

by RTD Journal

Even when women’s replaced to men in national television broadcasting, some news organizations such as TOLO News continued to use female journalists as usual and this was said to be the biggest change since the end of the Taliban rule.

By the time the Taliban came to power, they had been isolated from most of the world community. The US has spent the past few years making a peace treaty with them. And in recent weeks, Taliban leaders have been to Iran, Russia and China. This is part of their efforts to gain more prominence at international level and to gain legitimacy of some kind.

Apparently, you know that the Taliban did a lot when they agreed to interview Israeli journalist Ro Kasi, a Jew!

But it came as a surprise to discuss the mistake when Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen wrote on Twitter that he did not know that Rui Kasi was from an Israeli news channel.

However, Taliban soldiers were also photographed everywhere to show their easy side of things like “eating ice cream”, “playing in the amusement park” and “exercising in the gym” etc. to remove the halo of anger and tyranny around them.

Also, here are the conflicting signs as reports have surfaced that the Taliban have set fire to an amusement park because of certain images displayed in the park.

Mina Al-Lami, a jihadist expert, has documented important events that highlight the messages used by the Taliban since the fall of Kabul. Reinforced by a series of eyewitness accounts she says ” The Taliban is running a sophisticated PR campaign on multiple platforms and in multiple languages, trying to win the hearts and minds of Afghans as well as the international community “. Her writings include Taliban events that place numerous reassuring messages to locals, banks, businesses, foreign workers, and investors (on social media, charities), neighbors and regional players. The messages confirm that the Taliban will provide a safe and stable environment for all.

Although most schools have not yet reopened in Afghanistan, the Taliban tweeted a picture of girls on their way to school on August 16, saying girls’ education would remain uninterrupted. But the group has never provided details on social and freedom issues (girls’ age and education, women at work and their style of dress, etc.). Mina adds that the success of the Taliban is likely to depend on its ability to adapt and act responsibly – something that has long been a hallmark of politics / social media. But such pragmatism for political gain could easily transfer the Taliban to the eyes of a jihadist organization. Jihadists are watching and waiting to see if the Taliban will establish a Islamic state governed by Sharia law, and how true and strong the Sharia regime will be.

David. B. Larter, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, has suggested that it is a way to begin to trust the transformation of the Taliban. He made the important point that “Anyone who dares to believe that the Taliban Leopard has changed its position: Don’t. They don’t. They do nothing in a hurry because there are 4,000 American troops, including weapons, air force and special operations forces hanging in Kabul.”

Pakistani-based PR specialist Selina Rashid Khan wrote on Twitter that “The Taliban presser was a master class in PR and strategic communications.”


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